Veilux 2M-12VL3VLV

16 Channel Surveillance System

3 Yr
Warranty Included

System Features:
• Industrial 4U Rackmount Computer
- DVD+/-RW Reader/Writer Drive
• Veilux DVR Capture Card
- 480 fps Recording Rate
• Veilux Vandal Proof Dome Cameras
- 700 TV Lines Resolution
• 19" Flat Panel LCD Monitor

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2MCCTV 2M-112T31TBD  
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GeoVision 2M-12GV32TV  
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Veilux 2M-13VL3VLD  
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This versatile 16 channel surveillance system is made to suit your needs.  The Veilux 2M-12VL3VLV package is subtle enough to keep you secure without interrupting your daily routine.  Its 16 Veilux VV-70IRC40L2812D cameras will tirelessly watch over your property day and night in any weather.  They will continuously provide high-quality digital video to the DVR capture card in the included Windows 7-operated computer system so that you can review security footage on your schedule.



Like Having a Professional Film Editor in Your Office


Veilux 2M-12VL3VLV’s recorder system is devised to be a valuable addition to your office.  Its compact 4U rack-mounted chassis can be conveniently located anywhere you need it.  Its modest size understates the power of quick Intel processor and up-to-date Windows 7 OS.  Surveillance footage is run through Veilux’ VCB-480-16EX 16-channel DVR capture card to be stored on a 500 GB hard drive in any number of video and audio types.  Each of the 16 channels can be set to record in MJEG, MPEG4, or H.264 high quality video format.



They Keep Watch So That You Don’t Have To


This security package comes with 16 Veilux VV-70IRC40L2812D vandal-proof IR dome cameras which will provide you with great video regardless of time of day or season.  These can be referred to as True Day/Night (TDN) cameras with an ICR (IR Cut) filter to allow seamless transitions from day to low-light conditions without losing vital visual details.  With an IP-68 waterproof rating, rain won’t slow them down either.  The appearance of digital artifacts in video surveillance can obscure potential threats to a location.  Luckily, these cameras are designed to remove this kind of annoying interference.  With features like a 1/3” Sony HAD CCD and 3D DNR (digital noise reduction), you will get nothing but clean and improved video feeds. 



But That’s Not All


To allow you to setup your surveillance system however you need it, this 16-channel package includes 2000’ of siamese coaxial cable and connectors and a 12 VDC/12 Amp 18-output power supply to keep the system running in worst case scenarios.  So that you can review your live/recorded security video, you will also get a free 19” LCD flat-panel monitor.  And for added reassurance, you will also get a 2-year warranty with the Veilux 2M-12VL3VLV Surveillance System.





Professional Veilux Rackmount 16 Channel Surveillance System
  • Intel processor and motherboard
  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Included 1 hard drive of 500 GB
  • 22X DVD+/-RW Drive
  • Housed with 4U rack mountable chasis
  • Veilux VCB-480-16EX Sixteen Channel DVR Capture Card
    • Real-time display and records 480 FPS (NTSC) / 400 FPS (PAL)
    • MJEG, MPEG4, H.264 (Selectable Per Channel)
    • Selectable recording option per camera
    • 16 Audio inputs option available
    • Date timestamp overlay camera
    • Supports Audio, Sensors and Relays built into the Network Video Servers
16 x Veilux VV-70IR36V Vandal Proof Infrared Dome Cameras
  • 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD
  • 700 TV Lines Resolution
  • Day/Night Function with ICR
  • 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
  • On Screen Display Menu
  • Waterproof IP-68 Rating
Package Includes: