Veilux 2M-11VL2VLV

8 Camera Surveillance System

3 Yr
Warranty Included

System Features:

  • 8 Channel HD Standalone DVR
  • H.264 Video Compression
  • 1080 HD Display Resolution
  • Veilux Vandal Proof IR Dome Camera
  • 700 TV Lines Resolution
  • 25 Meter Night View Distance
  • Siamese Coaxial Cable
  • 19" LCD CCTV Monitor
List : $5,310.64  
Price : $2,478.30
Save :  $2,832.34
Qty :
Veilux TJ-8960B56  
Veilux VR8960H-3TB-36V  
2MCCTV 2MK-112T22TBD  
2MCCTV 2MK-112T22TD  
2MCCTV 2MKT-112T22TB  
GeoVision 2M-13GV22TV  
GeoVision 2M-13GV22TB  
Veilux 2M-11VL2VLS  
2MCCTV 2M-112T22TB  
Samsung 2M-11SS2SSB  
2MCCTV 2M-132T22TD  
2MCCTV 2M-132T22TB  
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The 2M-11VL2VLV 8 camera surveillance system offers an effective surveillance capability with 8 high resolution color vandal proof infrared domed cameras all connected to one SVR-824DVD 8 Channel standalone DVR. This combination is powerful, expandable and easily managed giving all 8 security cameras offer the same design and feature configuration.




Scalable Video Storage and Surveillance

You can create an easily accessible and scalable digital video recorder server to expand security surveillance with additional cameras, or upgrade your system with additional storage up to 2 Terabytes (TB) for long term retrieval and review capabilities. The Veilux VR-824E 8 Channel digital recorder provides great value capable of real time recording at 240 Frames per Second (FPS) National Television System Committee (NTSC) format for North America and 200 FPS Phase Alternating Line (PAL) formats for Europe allowing for video playback on the widest range of monitors including televisions. There are multiple video compression standard formats available in this 8 camera surveillance system including MJPEG, MPEG 4, and H.264 giving you the flexibility you need to control your video quality and recording options across cameras. This DVR has 4 audio inputs channels supporting up to 4 cameras offered and has a timestamp overall camera for surveillance tracking.


8 Vandal and Water Proof Infrared Cameras



Manufactured by Veilux, the VV-70IRC40L2812D Vandal Proof Dome Cameras comes with Sony Color super HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD (Charged Coupled Device) capturing high quality images by day and boosting sensitivity to night vision. These HD security surveillance cameras provide day/night function with ICR (Infrared Cut Filter) achieving detailed images in darkness or low ambient light. The Veilux Vandal Proof Domed Camera has Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) technology reducing electronic interference such as specs on images improving clarity. These cameras come with a waterproof Ingress Rating of IP68, meaning these cameras not only resist dust but can withstand water immersion.