2MCCTV 2M-112T22TB

8 Channel Security System, 8 Outdoor Varifocal AR Bullet Cameras

1 Yr
Warranty Included
  • 8 Channel Security System
  • Outdoor 8 Varifocal AR Bullet Camera Standalone System
  • Real-time Standalone DVR
  • Hi Res Infrared Bullets
  • 2.8-10mm Varifocal Range
  • Weather Resist Operation
List : $3,704.90  
Price : $2,469.93
Save :  $1,234.97
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Veilux TJ-8960B56  
Veilux VR8960H-3TB-36V  
2MCCTV 2MK-112T22TBD  
2MCCTV 2MK-112T22TD  
2MCCTV 2MKT-112T22TB  
GeoVision 2M-13GV22TV  
GeoVision 2M-13GV22TB  
Veilux 2M-11VL2VLS  
Veilux 2M-11VL2VLV  
Samsung 2M-11SS2SSB  
2MCCTV 2M-132T22TD  
2MCCTV 2M-132T22TB  
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Designed by 2MCCTV, the 2M-112T22TB outdoor 8 channel security system is perfect for outdoor use around the home or office. 



The Driving Force


2MCCTV’s 2MDVR6008DA-H Channel Digital Video Recorder is the central pivot of this security package.  Armed with the latest in H.264 video compression, this DVR will protect your hard drive space and ensure you receive high quality video anytime you need it.  The 2MDVR6008DA-H is capable of outputting video along its 8 channels to your monitors in 1280 x 1024 VGA Output Resolution.  With its support for D1 real-time recording it can also output display footage in 720x480 pixels (NTSC) resolution.  For on-the-go monitoring, this 8ch. DVR gives you the ability to watch your video feeds on your mobile devices.  To store the footage from those feeds, the 2MDVR6008DA-H comes with a 1 TB hard drive.  If that’s not enough, you can contact 2MCCTV anytime to discuss upgrade options up to 3 TB in storage.



The Long Arm of Security


This 8 channel security system utilizes eight 2M-B70AR2L212 Weather-Proof Vandal-Resistant Infrared Cameras to keep you secure day and night.  With their varifocal 2.8-10mm lenses, you can control the width and zoom of each camera to efficiently cover the right ground.  You can be assured of high quality surveillance feeds with SONY’s 1/3" Color CCD outputting at 700 TV Lines Resolution.   up to 40 meters of IR illumination.



And That’s Not All


To get you started, the 2M-112T22TB security system package comes with a free 19” LCD monitor, 1000’ of Siamese coaxial cable and connectors, and a 12v DC 9 output 9 amp Power Supply.  For added security, 2MCCTV has included a 1-year warranty.