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Home owners are bombarded with ads every month about home security systems from third party vendors that cost a monthly fee on top of the equipment and installation charges. Instead of taking that route, why not buy a security system on your own and skip the monitoring fees altogether.

With the right CCTV surveillance cameras, DVR and accessories that come in a preset package, owners can save a ton of money and get the visibility they want on their home or office without the additional charges or contract. The equipment is easy to install with the step by step directions and the price is affordable when you consider that you only have to pay for the equipment and nothing else.

Surveillance cameras can be placed anywhere that you feel is an opening or ‘at risk’ spot in the home such as the front and back doors and other entry points. Choose from a wide selection of camera types that offer options on positioning and range of motion as well as appearance. There are plenty of cameras that look like everyday products so that you can monitor what is going on when you aren’t home without making it obvious that there is a security system in place.

DVRs are standard equipment from cable companies but this unique piece of hardware will directly associate with the visual images being recorded and saved for playback at a later time. Mobile monitoring is also available with many system setups so that owners don’t have to be home in order to see what the cameras are looking at.

The process is easy and quality equipment can be purchased from reliable online vendors that specialize in this industry and can help you find the best CCTV surveillance cameras and hardware for your home or office. There are several options to consider when implementing a new security system in your home and money is always a factor. Decide whether you want to pay someone else to do all the work and bring in the equipment and watch the home or whether you want to save money and handle this yourself.

Importance of Security Video Playback

All security systems are only as good as the platform and equipment that is used and properly installed so even if you have state of the art hardware in place it won’t do you any good without the ability to review the images and playback the video feed. Why is this so important? This piece is what tells the story about what happened and who is responsible and without it then the investigation has to rely on other clues.

The CCTV DVR recorder is one of the single most important items to have as part of your security system purchase along with cameras, TV screens and accessories. The DVR is where all of the camera images are captured and stored according to the settings and specifications set by the user. This device has a storage capacity that can be enhanced or the owner can remove the data and store on a separate device in order to make room for the new information.

This process helps to catch the bad guys whether they break in from the outside or are working against the company from the inside. Install obvious security devices where they can be seen or use cameras designed to look like everyday objects and film in secret to catch the individual unawares. At the end of the day, the ‘playback’ feature is the function that will help the most and is only available on the DVR recorder.

Online retailers that market top of the line security systems typically have bundles or packages already put together with all the hardware and equipment needed to make it easier for customers to purchase compatible items.

The CCTV DVR recorder is part of this or can be purchased on its own and then setup with the other pieces per the directions. Cable companies offer this same type of device for the recording and storage of TV shows when users will not be around to watch them live. The concept is the same but in this case the information stored is images of your home or office caught on camera and stored for later review.

Remote Access for Security System

Security is about peace of mind for your business and home but in order to achieve that it is important to have the right system installed having the top level of technology. There are several different camera types and system setups to choose from which is why partnering with the experts can help clarify the differences and provide cost estimates for packages.

The most critical step in the process is to research the available technology and talk to resources that are familiar with the industry. The IP surveillance camera system is an excellent tool that can be used with the various camera options, DVR recorder and interconnected network. The benefit to this system above others is that it can be controlled onsite or remotely including camera re-positioning which puts the owner in control of what images are captured.

It works with any size setup so that both small businesses, residences and large corporations all receive the same level of security coverage. Purchase surveillance camera system packages that include all the necessary hardware and accessories to get hooked up and ready to go for live transmission. The IP characteristic offers the flexibility of making adjustments if you decide that a camera is not correctly focused or positioned and you don’t even have to be on site to make it happen.

If you need something more than what the standard package offers then speak with a customer representative about upgrades and additions. The goal is to provide the right size system for your needs while staying within your budget. Ordering online will make for a convenient way to receive all the equipment straight to your door with the potential of free shipping, lifetime tech support and competitive pricing.

You can have great locks on the doors, a perimeter fence to keep unwanted personnel out and other security measures but these don’t help if someone breaks in and you need evidence to help bring them to justice. The IP surveillance camera system is a setup that can cover all the gaps and give you round the clock coverage that you can monitor from wherever you are and multiple devices connected to the network.

Visual Options that Track Security Objects

If you have a special concern about an outdoor threat to your location then you need to immediately start looking at the available security options that give you ‘eyes’ when you are not on site. There are a variety of camera surveillance systems available on the market and each of them has capabilities that make them unique for situations.

The pan tilt zoom camera also called PTZ is ideal for scanning and focusing in on objects that enter their visual range. These cameras will focus on a person or animal that enters the area and then track it as far as they can within their range. This gives you detailed information because of the zoom and an idea of what is going on based on the pan feature as it follows them.

This option is ideal for outdoor areas on farms and warehouses where the owner needs a wide range of area covered visually not just a small specific point. The pan tilt zoom cameras can be utilized with several different systems so the first step before making a purchase is to research the various setup options to ensure that you have the one that works best for your location. Those that tie into an IP system are able to be remotely controlled by devices that are on the network which gives the owner flexibility to change views even when they are offsite. A DVR comes with the majority of bundled packages as this is the hardware that stores the images as they are recorded and provides the user with the necessary storage they need. Memory can also be added depending on the hardware’s specifications so be sure to consider this during your research of products and abilities.

Security is a top concern personally and professionally and there are cameras for every occasion and need so it is important to find the right one. Entry ways, hallways, outdoor areas, large scopes and private locations are just some of the different points that need to be secured and they all have different requirements. Go online, search for pan tilt zoom cameras and work with the professionals to get the surveillance system you need up and running as soon as possible.

Record and Store Your Security Video Footage

If you’re looking for a great way to record and store your security camera video footage, get online and buy a high quality security DVR recorder from the same company where you’ll find the best security cameras.

Some businesses can get by with one security camera. Others require dozens of security cameras strategically placed throughout the perimeter of the facility, both inside and out. The best way to record video footage from multiple cameras is with a security DVR recorder. You never know when you might need to go back and look at previous footage, and with a DVR recorder, you can record and keep your footage for an extended period of time. So where does one find the best security DVR recorders? Well, they can be found in the same place as the best security cameras.

When shopping for security cameras and/or security DVR recorders, do so at the place where you’ll find the best selection and best prices: online. Shopping for security systems shouldn’t be a hassle, and it never is with this amazing company. You can easily read up on the features of a security DVR recorder so that you know you’re getting one that will work well with your security camera systems. The website makes this process simple by clearly giving you access to product highlights, features, and specifications.

If you have questions during your online shopping experience, you can chat live with a representative or visit the Question and Answer section of the website. This site is chalk full of great information to go along with the amazing product lines you’ll find here. If you’ve got questions in regards to security systems, you’ll find the answers here. Also, these aren’t just your average security DVR recorders. In fact, they’re really the top of the line in terms of quality. You’ll get crystal clear images recorded and kept for you to conveniently access whenever needed. There is no better way to keep your home or business safe and secure than with a good quality security camera, or several, and a security DVR recorder. So you might be thinking, “how will I know I’m getting the right system?” Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. If you have 32 cameras, you’ll want a system with enough storage space to record and keep videos. If you only have one camera, you likely won’t need quite as much space as you would for that many cameras. The website makes the process so simple by clearly stating how much space each recorder has.

This won’t be a difficult, stressful shopping experience. Shopping for a security DVR recorder online is simple and convenient. All you have to do is pull up the site, make your selection, enter your payment and shipping information, and in no time, your security DVR recorder will arrive at your facility, ready to be used. If you should have questions when installing your recorder, you’ll find the answers from the same company you purchased the recorder from. They truly will help you from start to finish.

Now you can not only see and record what’s going on within your property, but you can keep those recordings for a very long time with a security DVR recorder. Find the best selection of these recorders online at the same site where you’ll find the best camera systems.

Wide Angle Cameras for Maximum Security Viewing

There are several types of cameras to choose from when considering a security surveillance system and it is important to review all of them in order to decide which will work best for your location. Whether you are installing the system at home or the office the underlying goal is to cover all entry points and potential gaps where someone from the outside could sneak in and get inside the premises.

Choose from standard, pan to Zoom (PTZ) and panoramic cameras which each have their own benefits and limitations in functionality. Cost, specifications and quantity are all factors that be included in the decision making process to ensure that you make the right investment decision and guarantee compatibility with the other necessary hardware.

Panoramic IP cameras are a popular option because they provide the widest view for a stationary camera at an affordable cost. This is ideal for wide open spaces or points where you want visual views of the sides of an entryway but don’t want to deal with the PTZ camera. It is easy to install and works with the DVR system so that images can be recorded and stored based on the amount of memory that you have selected. This product can reduce the total number of cameras needed to cover the location because they provide such a wide view which in turn helps you to save money on the overall system.

The first step to implementing a reliable security surveillance system with panoramic IP cameras is to go online and find a top quality vendor that specializes in this equipment. Review their inventory options and compare costs with other vendors to ensure that you are getting the best deal in price without giving up functionality. Once you have settled on a system then simply place the order and wait for it to be shipped to your location. Every product comes with a set of installation instructions so you can do it yourself or hire a professional to perform the installation for you. For any questions speak with a customer representative who can make recommendations and help put together exactly what you need for a price that fits your budget.