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Retail Loss Prevention Using CCTV Systems

Travis Chaffin

Travis Chaffin – Sales Manager – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6049   When most people think about a surveillance system, they think about cameras placed in a business that are capturing a crime from a criminal stranger.  We can see a lone cashier in a convenience store being robbed by a masked gunman.  That is certainly a great use of cameras in a business, but it is not the only use. Internal theft represents a huge loss of money for business owners, more in fact than external theft.  I could write a blog just about that, but…

10 Most Ignored CCTV Codes and Laws

Raghad Rabah

Raghad Rabah - 2M CCTV     Let’s be honest, not all security integrators and installers take the proper precautions to make sure they aren’t violating any CCTV “laws” before installing. Many install them on the notion of protecting property, keeping an eye on employees, or some other common video surveillance goal. We forget that there are rules that we need to follow. It’s all fun and games until you go to court for misuse of CCTV video. Below you will find a list of 10 most ignored codes or laws for security camera usage for the distributor and the consumer….

CCTV with Audio: 3 Things to Know

Travis Chaffin

Travis Chaffin – Sales Manager – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6049 There are many times when CCTV cameras with built-in audio (microphones) seem like a great value and a great idea.  If you have looked you probably noticed that we have very few options for those cameras.  While we can get them (send us a request here) we have not had great experiences with them in the past.  If you’re in the market for a camera with built-in audio, here are a couple of things to keep in mind. CHECK CCTV DVR AUDIO INPUTS Before thinking about the…