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Upgrading an Existing Surveillance System

Aaron Satterlee   Aaron Satterlee - 2M CCTV     Not everybody who contacts 2MCCTV for service is starting from the ground up. In fact, many customers call us to get up to date with their existing video surveillance system, or to troubleshoot a weakness in coverage they have noticed over the years. Lately, many customers are interested in upgrading their old cameras to the newer, more network friendly,  IP cameras (read the benefits of IP cameras). This can be a daunting task for a business or residence to undertake, and can certainly get expensive. To avoid the headache, clients sometimes feel the…

CCTV System on a Budget: How to Save Money

Travis Chaffin Travis Chaffin – Sales Manager – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6049   Budget is a funny word because it has no practical meaning.  Once I had a customer call me looking for a modest CCTV system.  During the conversation he reminded me many times the he had a budget; when I finally asked what the budget was, he said $10,000. Another time I had a customer call for a big and complex system and tell me the budget was $600. When talking to a CCTV expert that you trust, make sure that you let them know what…

DDNS & Dynamic IP Addresses for DVR Security Systems

Ahmed Shakib

Ahmed Shakib – Technician – 2M CCTV   A customer called me the other day about a problem with viewing his DVR from his iPhone. The man had previously setup his system months earlier, but now he was having a problem connecting to the DVR. After describing his problem a little, I instantly knew exactly what his problem was. His IP address had changed because it was a dynamic IP address. This problem is very common and also very easy to solve with DDNS or Domain Name Service.  

Dynamic DNS for CCTV Systems


Time Stamping on Security Cameras

Raghad Rabah

Raghad Rabah - 2M CCTV   Security cameras were made to aid the consumer in keeping an eye out for what is taking place on their property. They were a means for deterring and detecting crime. Both businesses and the public have been using them for surveillance of their offices, factories, stores, and houses. Since the availability of these cameras, robberies and other events have been caught on tape. The footage has increased the chances of catching the culprits, and in some cases, proved the innocence of a wrongfully accused murderer. It is imperative that you take…

DVR Capture Card Guide: Choosing a DVR Card (PART TWO)

Phi Nguyen

Phi Nguyen – 2M CCTV   In the first part of our DVR capture card guide, we discussed the importance of choosing the card with the desired frame rate and resolution. Plus, we informed the user of some of the major abilities you get with DVR capture cards such as remote viewing and video compression. For part two of our DVR guide, we look at some more of the key features to help choose the right DVR capture card for your security needs.   Hybrid DVR Capture Cards You might have noticed that some DVR capture cards are described…

DVR Capture Card Guide: Choosing a DVR Card (PART ONE)

Phi Nguyen

Phi Nguyen – 2M CCTV    

DVR Capture Cards

So, are you thinking about buying a security camera system? You got the cameras that you like. You know where you want to place them. You even hooked the cameras up to a monitor to see them. If you are reading this article, then you have probably realized, or were informed by someone, that you need something to actually recordthe footage from those lovely cameras. The missing piece of equipment is a digital video recorder or DVR for short. A DVR recorder is a device…