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Guest Post: 6 James Bond-style Surveillance Gadgets that Could Turn You Into 007

  Matthew Wood     This is a guest post by Matthew Wood, from Probe Investigations UK Limited. We thought this would be a cool blog post, and it seemed fitting because of the new Bond movie that came out this weekend.     Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you will have noticed that there’s a new James Bond film out and it’s called Skyfall. The flash cars, the powerful guns, the dodgy-looking villains, the beautiful women and, of course, the hi-tech gadgets – you know what you’re getting with Bond. So what of them nifty gadgets? While some of…

Guest Post – Preventing Copper Theft

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rick Charney is the current manager of Stealth Monitoring, a live surveillance monitoring provider for corporations and other large businesses.   Copper Pipes Traditionally, economic hardship means increased values for precious metals. As the worth of the dollar declines, the number of dollars required to purchase these commodities increases substantially. Today’s economic recession is no exception. While many Americans are thrilled to make an extra buck by selling their old metal jewelry, others are not faring so well. Many business and home owners are currently suffering from copper theft.     As of February 2011, the price of copper peaked at over…

“Keeping CCTV In Its Place”

Michael Minieri

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Michael Minieri is the Principal Security Consultant for Minieri Associates, a security consulting and engineering firm operating nationally and internationally. He began a career of protecting lives and property in 1974 and holds nearly a dozen professional credentials. More information can be found at   Thanks Michael! We also had Todd Thompson and Travis Chaffin give their takes on the matter.  So make sure you check out their articles after you read this one.  And don’t forget to give us YOUR take! If Security Cameras Are Not a Deterrent to Crime, Then What Good Are They? …

Collision Avoidance Systems: The Eyes and Ears of Your Fleet

Recently, I asked the fine people of Safety Vision – Mobile Video Solutions (manufacturer of the collision avoidance systems that we sell here at 2MCCTV) if they’d be able to give us a write-up of their systems to educate our visitors on what exactly a Collision Avoidance System is and what benefits they offer.   Guest Post by Safety Vision – Mobile Video Solutions

Safety Vision

Since 1993, Safety Vision has been a leading global provider of comprehensive collision avoidance and mobile surveillance systems for both public and private sector fleets.  Collision avoidance systems enhance visibility for drivers both on…