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Security is a Snap With One of These

Are you tired of forking out cash year after year to replace your outdoor security camera because it can’t withstand the sometimes harsh weather in your area? It might be time to consider a better quality camera, and no, this doesn’t mean paying a fortune. In fact, you’ll likely realize that you’ve been wasting money on subpar quality cameras all this time when you choose a Bullet security camera. Top rated in the field of security cameras, you won’t find a better option than the Bullet. While the product itself is to die for, the shopping experience does the selling…

The Answer to Your Home Security Needs

Different situations require different security needs. For example, a residence located in a rural setting off of a back country road likely won’t require the same type or amount of security features of a large commercial or office building located in the center of a big city. However, these days, there is a need for some sort of security in both situations. When it comes to choosing home security systems, no two needs are ever exactly the same, but again, all homeowners living in this time should have some type of video surveillance camera system in place. When it comes…

Lake Highland Assaults Highlight Need for Surveillance Cameras

  Recent events in Dallas, Texas (our base of operations) have led many residents to reevaluate their own security needs. We here at 2MCCTV have seen a spike in security camera and alarm inquiries in the east Dallas area. The Lake Highlands area of Dallas has been under heightened police presence after the third victim of sexual assault in a three week time span was reported to police early Tuesday, March 19th. The assaults are prompting many residents to seek out security solutions for their own homes in droves. Lake Highlands does have a neighborhood watch in place, but in this case, the eyes of the community did not notice anything that…