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Why you should Install IP Security System?

As you think of how crime is escalating in recent times, it makes you worry about the safety of your family and your business. Sad thing is that break ins do happen and you need to be ready and full equipped to make sure nothing bad happens. Security video cameras have proved to be a blessing for the people who want to keep their place safe or free from any trouble. Surveillance cameras have made life easy for people in the times of rising crime. There are reasons why you should install IP security cameras. Firstly, they are easier to install….

Hikvision brand vs Generic Hikvision

There are a lot of companies nowadays that  sell  Hikvision generic products. Online resellers of hikvision generic products are either from china or local here in U.S. Hikvision has become the most popular brand in the world, because of their sell everyone open strategy undermining even their own USA branch. Many chinese resellers have purchased a bulk of products from hikvision as generic, with no labels or brand on them at a cheaper price and stocked them at local amazon prime warehouses in the U.S. Hikvision security cameras can be found on amazon, aliexpress, dhgate, sears, ebay, newegg, even walmart sells…

Flexible Security Network Platform

The benefit of having a camera installed in your personal or business location is that you can see what is going on when you are not on site. Combined with a DVR the system is able to store the recorded information for future reference and can be a vital tool for law enforcement or civil cases. However, the type of system you have can affect your ability to control and manipulate the onsite cameras. For example, you may have multiple security feeds setup over the facility but as you are watching there might be suspicious activity on the peripheral edges of…

Radio Controlled Vehicles and Video Cameras

There exists a niche community of very talented hobbyists around the world doing amazing things with RC vehicles. In the last few years, advances in technology brought us smaller and more efficient cameras, DVRs and batteries; and hobbyists have been attaching these camera rigs to their RC creations, and amazing results ensue. The following is a brief list of some of the coolest applications of camera and RC vehicles of all sorts. One may take note that most of these videos are shot on the widely popular “GoPro” cameras, but similar (and much cheaper) options are available for those who want to…

Upgrading an Existing Surveillance System

Aaron Satterlee   Aaron Satterlee - 2M CCTV     Not everybody who contacts 2MCCTV for service is starting from the ground up. In fact, many customers call us to get up to date with their existing video surveillance system, or to troubleshoot a weakness in coverage they have noticed over the years. Lately, many customers are interested in upgrading their old cameras to the newer, more network friendly,  IP cameras (read the benefits of IP cameras). This can be a daunting task for a business or residence to undertake, and can certainly get expensive. To avoid the headache, clients sometimes feel the…

The Benefits of IP Security Cameras

Travis Chaffin Travis Chaffin – Sales Manager – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6049   When searching for a camera system for the first time, there are often a lot of questions that come up.  Researching anything on the internet is a dangerous endeavor.  The first and biggest decision to make when designing a CCTV system is to go with Analog or IP security cameras.  For this blog I want to address IP cameras and the benefits of them.  Before we go any further, I want to address a few vocabulary terms.  “IP Cameras” and “Network Cameras” are the same…