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The Science Behind Voltage Drop

Travis Chaffin Travis Chaffin – Sales Manager – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6049   Voltage drop is a term that we hear about all the time in the surveillance industry. While many people talk about it and use the charts and calculators provided by different sources, I think a smaller amount of people fully understand the physics behind it. Today I want to give a quick review of the ideas behind voltage drop and then some practical tips for installing security cameras or any other equipment.   Voltage Drop for CCTV Equation Here is the equation for Voltage Drop: Voltage drop=( 2…

The Benefits of Solar CCTV Cameras

Phi Nguyen

Phi Nguyen – 2M CCTV      

Solar CCTV Cameras

It seems nowadays that everyone is “Going Green” or becoming more environmentally conscious with hybrid cars, increasing recycling awareness, and using alternative energy sources. One of the alternative energy sources that the security industry utilizes to help efficiently power CCTV cameras is solar energy. With solar CCTV cameras in a security system, you receive an environmentally safe system with a self-renewing power source for 24-hour surveillance.     How does Solar CCTV work?

Solar Panel

Solar security cameras utilize solar panels to capture the sun’s rays…

Cat 5 vs. Cat 6 Cable for CCTV

Travis Chaffin

Travis Chaffin – Sales Manager – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6049   CCTV is closely associated with other aspects of the IT world.  In fact, most of the time, it is the IT pros that are assigned with learning about, choosing, ordering, and installing the systems.  I get asked a lot about the difference between Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 when customers are looking to buy cable for a CCTV system.  Cat 6 cable is better.  It is newer technology, it is faster, and 6 is higher than 5.  If they were the same price, always buy Cat…

Should I Use Electric Strikes or Magnetic Locks for Access Control?

Todd Thompson

Todd Thompson – Construction Manager – 2M CCTV Follow Todd on Twitter   Magnetic Locks

Magnetic Door Lock (image from Wikipedia)

Magnetic door locks, are good for local, low-risk security applications such as indoor closets where occupants are stationed in the vicinity, or they fall within the perimeter of a more tightly secured area. Here’s why.  Magnetic door locks require a constantly available source of power.  If power is lost, the magnet will not work.  Therefore, entry into the secure area is available to mischief-makers and anyone else. Battery backup is available in power supply boxes, but…

CCTV Power Supply Distance, Cat5 & Siamese Cable Considerations

Jason Duling

Jason Duling – Sales – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6053     Cat5 or Siamese Coax I have experienced a number of clients that ask about using cat5 cable rather than traditional Siamese coax cable for their camera runs.  Is cat5 heavy enough?  Will I be able to transmit video as far as I can with Siamese?  How does the power work with regards to cat5 cabling?  These are all very good questions and we will look at each in turn. -First, Is cat5 heavy enough? and similarly, will I be able to transmit video as far as I can…

How Many Connectors & Male/Female Power Considerations

Tony Jones

Tony Jones – Sales – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6025 Connectors for CCTV installs; what a boring topic, I am almost falling asleep writing this.  What is boring now turns crazy when installs cannot be completed because of an overlooked connector on an order.  For each camera run, we have to think about power and video. There are many different BNC connectors and baluns.  The type and brand are not the focus here and will probably spark a debate between installers if mentioned.  For now just remember to get 2 per camera run.   POWER LEADS Power can be a…