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Masking for Motion Detection and Privacy Masking

Oftentimes when using video surveillance, there are certain areas that need to be either concealed (Privacy Masking) or areas that must prevent the motion detection from going off (Masking). If you have video surveillance in an area where you want to utilize motion detection for certain elements but not for others, then you’ll need video Masking, which is where you create a designated area in the settings that will prevent motion detection from being activated.  For example, if you have a security camera in a parking lot, but there is a large tree in sight, the movement of the tree might trigger…

Vandal Proof Security Camera – Video Demonstration

Loc Nguyen

Loc Nguyen – Technician – 2M CCTV     I always get questions about the durability of the vandal proof cameras that we carry and can they sustain a real life scenario of someone intentionally trying to break the security camera. The short answer is yes, the difference between a normal dome camera (vandalproof are unique to domes… see more differences between dome & bullet cameras) and a vandal proof camera is the exterior housing that the camera comes with it.   For example, in the below video we used  a 2MCCTV 2M-V70IR36L49 to test the durability of our vandal…

2M DVR-8816 Product Overview Video

Watch as our knowledgeable technician Loc demonstrates the basic features of the 2M 8816 DVR, a 16-channel HD digital video recorder with 1080 display resolution (learn more about dvr resolution). This video will provide an overview of the controls and inputs/outputs on the front and the back of the DVR as well as how to set it up with a basic dome camera.