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Radio Controlled Vehicles and Video Cameras

There exists a niche community of very talented hobbyists around the world doing amazing things with RC vehicles. In the last few years, advances in technology brought us smaller and more efficient cameras, DVRs and batteries; and hobbyists have been attaching these camera rigs to their RC creations, and amazing results ensue. The following is a brief list of some of the coolest applications of camera and RC vehicles of all sorts. One may take note that most of these videos are shot on the widely popular “GoPro” cameras, but similar (and much cheaper) options are available for those who want to…

Masking for Motion Detection and Privacy Masking

Oftentimes when using video surveillance, there are certain areas that need to be either concealed (Privacy Masking) or areas that must prevent the motion detection from going off (Masking). If you have video surveillance in an area where you want to utilize motion detection for certain elements but not for others, then you’ll need video Masking, which is where you create a designated area in the settings that will prevent motion detection from being activated.  For example, if you have a security camera in a parking lot, but there is a large tree in sight, the movement of the tree might trigger…

Digital vs. Optical Zoom

Todd Thompson

Todd Thompson – Construction Manager – 2M CCTV Follow Todd on Twitter Unwary buyers of surveillance cameras are sometimes unaware of terms in the industry.  Being caught without knowledge of the salesperson’s jargon can mean that you won’t get what you think you’re getting for the money. One such term is zoom.  Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and some fixed cameras have lenses that zoom in on an object.  In other words, it magnifies the object of the video, such as a car in a parking lot, so that it can be seen in much better detail. Zoom is a…

Will A Single Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera Get The Job Done?

Jason Duling

Jason Duling – Sales – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6053 Auto-tracking PTZ cameras are meant to monitor a given area, automatically detect motion, then use the pan, tilt, and zoom functions to hone in and record moving objects.  They absolutely serve a purpose depending on the scenario.  But what is really the best fit for YOUR particular situation?

Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras

I often hear from prospective clients that they want to save big money on their security needs.  Generally it is an application that involves a very large area such as a parking lot,…

Cameras Gone Wild! Live Video of the Decorah Bald Eagle

A lot of people out there may think the video cameras we sell here at 2MCCTV are just for the surveillance monitoring of offices, buildings and the like.  But as it turns out, many of our customers have a completely different intention for the equipment we sell, like monitoring the activity of the Decorah Bald Eagle in its nest 80 ft. off the ground! We recently had a customer contact us to let us know that the live feed of the Decorah Bald Eagle is being filmed using our PTZ (pan tilt zoom) KPT Outdoor Dome Camera.  It can efficiently monitor…