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The Science Behind Voltage Drop

Travis Chaffin Travis Chaffin – Sales Manager – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6049   Voltage drop is a term that we hear about all the time in the surveillance industry. While many people talk about it and use the charts and calculators provided by different sources, I think a smaller amount of people fully understand the physics behind it. Today I want to give a quick review of the ideas behind voltage drop and then some practical tips for installing security cameras or any other equipment.   Voltage Drop for CCTV Equation Here is the equation for Voltage Drop: Voltage drop=( 2…

Free CCTV Networking Seminar – Grand Prairie, TX

  If you are in or around the Dallas/Fort Worth area on December 11th, then stop on by for 2MCCTV’s free networking seminar, where we will go over the basics of computer networking for CCTV installers/integrators interested in growing their skill sets and client base.  Topics being discussed include IP vs Analog, NVR vs DVR, Network Setup, Port Forwarding, and Router/Switch Configuration.  Again, this is absolutely FREE, all we ask is that you please RSVP on  the sign up page.  

Free CCTV Networking Seminar

Free CCTV Networking Seminar


Thermal Imaging Technology for Video Surveillance

Phi Nguyen Phi Nguyen – 2M CCTV       Thermal Imaging Honestly speaking, probably 95% of the people reading this blog post about thermal security cameras do not need it. Thermal imaging cameras are specialized security equipment that picks up the heat that radiates from the objects in a scene.  For the few people who realistically need thermal imaging cameras, I will explain how thermal imaging works, along with the pros and cons for employing these niche surveillance cameras.  With thermal cameras, the user can truly monitor an area devoid of light such as complete darkness.   How Thermal…

DDNS & Dynamic IP Addresses for DVR Security Systems

Ahmed Shakib

Ahmed Shakib – Technician – 2M CCTV   A customer called me the other day about a problem with viewing his DVR from his iPhone. The man had previously setup his system months earlier, but now he was having a problem connecting to the DVR. After describing his problem a little, I instantly knew exactly what his problem was. His IP address had changed because it was a dynamic IP address. This problem is very common and also very easy to solve with DDNS or Domain Name Service.  

Dynamic DNS for CCTV Systems


DVR Capture Card Guide: Choosing a DVR Card (PART TWO)

Phi Nguyen

Phi Nguyen – 2M CCTV   In the first part of our DVR capture card guide, we discussed the importance of choosing the card with the desired frame rate and resolution. Plus, we informed the user of some of the major abilities you get with DVR capture cards such as remote viewing and video compression. For part two of our DVR guide, we look at some more of the key features to help choose the right DVR capture card for your security needs.   Hybrid DVR Capture Cards You might have noticed that some DVR capture cards are described…

Cat 5 vs. Cat 6 Cable for CCTV

Travis Chaffin

Travis Chaffin – Sales Manager – 2M CCTV 877-926-2288 x 6049   CCTV is closely associated with other aspects of the IT world.  In fact, most of the time, it is the IT pros that are assigned with learning about, choosing, ordering, and installing the systems.  I get asked a lot about the difference between Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 when customers are looking to buy cable for a CCTV system.  Cat 6 cable is better.  It is newer technology, it is faster, and 6 is higher than 5.  If they were the same price, always buy Cat…