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2MCCTV will help you with your CCTV security application, whether you are in need of a complete security system, or simply have a technical question about a system you already have.  You can contact our tech support completely free of charge.  Our knowledgeable sales staff is also available to answer any of your questions.  Both are  available from 9AM-5PM (CST) MON-FRI.

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  3. I had to install a 12v prime hd dvr and cameras using existing cables. the cabling was old rg-58. some of the cameras came up no problem. the others cameras would only come up on the analog system. they varied in distance some 30-125 feet. someone suggested using the old 24v ac system and use an 24v ac to 12v dc converter right at the camera and that still didnt work. i thought it wouldn’t work since i used my remote testing unit with 12v dc out right at the camera to power it and send the hd signal back to the dvr and some worked and others didn’t. what other option do i have to fix this problem other than running new cable. oh, i also tried recrimping new connectors and that didn’t work either

  4. I’m looking at purchasing Veilux 2M-138 PC based DVR, can the capture card be replaced with your 2M-5116HCI. Don’t need all the bells and whistles from Veilux’s VCB-480-16EX. Thanks

  5. Hi,

    I using 4 ch dvr box, having 4 camera’s. My question is can i connect this all camera’s to my personal domain or to subdomain. If yes please can you provide the steps to do so.

    At present Dvr box is connected to the internet using static ip

    Some details:
    my domain is hosted on linux server (centOS 64bit) cpanel
    In my office using broadband connection with ADSL 2 modem.


  6. How or CAN I remove the “time and date stamp/Header Bar” from the client software screen when viewing live feed?

    This is an H.264 2M 8 input DVR using the Client Software to view cameras.

  7. Dear Jason,
    Ive been enjoying read your article about cctv power supply distance. But there’s a question regarding the chart. According to the kirchhoff’s law: “the sum of currents flowing into that node is equal to the sum of currents flowing out of that node”. So imho, the parameter should appear on the chart is not the current but voltage. Because the current isn’t affecting the maximum distance, it is the voltage. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Kirchhoff’s Circuit Law is really about more complicated circuits. One example is a string of lights where one source is being split to power all of the lights. For what we are describing here, there are no nodes or junctions that have to be accounted for. The basis for the chart and the blog is voltage drop which uses Ohm’s law. The equation for voltage drop is:

      Voltage Drop= (2 * Length of run * Resistance Factor * Load)/1000

      So what we can see here are all the factors we show in the graph. Length of run is in feet. The Load is in Amps. The resistance factor is the gauge of wire and the numbers can be found in the NEC. As you can see by the equation, if the amp draw is higher it will cause the voltage drop to be higher.

      But the question you asked is a great one and I think you are correct in terms of electrical theory. The Amp load is not the restricting factor it is the voltage, but you can see that the Amp Load affects the voltage drop. The other part is that the source voltage is a constant so the wire gauge and camera Amp pull are the only things we can change.

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    Marikit Lizardo

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