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Online CCTV Systems Portals Offer Some Of The Best Devices And Services

Establishing a business is just the first stage, and it is just the beginning of all the major challenges regarding business. Once the business is set, maintaining it is one of the greatest challenges. Maintaining the security of the establishment is not an easy job. Whatever is the nature of the business, one would need

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A comparison table between Hikvision & Dahua VMS Software

Comparison Sheet of Dahua Smart Pss Software and iVMS-4200 Video management software Smart Pss: V1.13.1_R20160504 iVMS-4200: V2.5.0.5_20160512 Module Feature Smart PSS iVMS-4200 Client Connectable IP Devices 256 256 Connectable channels 2000 1024 Language Multi-Language English Multi-screens 4 4 Camera groups √ √ Device Manage Online Search √ √ Add Manually √ √ Modify IP address before added

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