Veilux 2M-12VL3

Closed Circuit Camera System

3 Yr
Warranty Included

• Closed Circuit Camera System
• Rackmount Computer Based Hybrid DVR Server
• Support 16-32 Channels
• Real-Time Recording
• H.264 Compression
• Rackmount Chasis

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The 2M and Veilux 2M-128 is a rack-mount hybrid DVR closed circuit camera system that can support up to 32 channels with h.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG compression.  It can also support up to 16 cameras with up to 480 frames per second (frame rates can also be set per channel).  The server can be easily upgraded and has an up to 5 hard drive capacity with up to 10TB of storage (5 – 2TB hard drives).  The system comes standard with a 500GB hard drive and operates with a Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and Intel i3 Core processor (see the options tab for all upgrade options).  The Central Management Software gives users the ability to control up to 50 DVRs and up to 1600 CCTV cameras.



DVR Features


The DVR capture board allows users to select when to record, on which cameras, and at what frame rate.  Remote management also makes it easy to control the pan, tilt, and zoom features.  The board also has a PCI Express slot for easy upgrading and 16 audio inputs.  DDNS services are also supported.  Users can choose from Veilux cameras as well as many 3rd party closed circuit cameras.  There is also a date and time stamp, a license plate capture feature, and Point of Sale system for image text overlay. 



Bonuses is including a 19” LCD Color Flat Panel Screen free of charge and this closed circuit camera system also comes with 4 free IP camera licenses. 


For customization, either select your upgrades on the options page, or contact us directly at 1-877-926-2288 to discuss your security and surveillance needs.




  • Selective codec compression per channel
  • Frame rate setting per channel
  • Easy playback, simple remote access setup
  • Central management software capable of connecting up to 50 DVRs over 1600 cameras
  • Server comes with 500GB storage additional hard drives can be purchased
  • Comes now with 4 Free IP Cameras License
  • TCP/IP based network, LAN, PSTN, ISDN
  • The remote ransmission has the options of view, playback, notification, and 2-way audio
  • Image sizes include NTSC 320x240, 640x240, 640x480, PAL 352x288, 704x288, 704x576
  • Operating systems include Windows 7 Home Premium

The system also includes a FREE 19" Color LCD Flat Panel and the VCB-480-16EX



The Veilux 16 Camera DVR Video Capture Board includes:

  • Realtime display and records 480 FPS (NTSC) / 400 FPS (PAL)
  • MJEG, MPEG4, H.264 (Selectable Per Channel)
  • Remote desktop VIA IE browser or client software
  • Future expandability option up to 32 cameras
  • TCP/IP based network, LAN, PSTN, ISDN
  • Remote desktop Setting, Display control, Relay output, P/T/Z camera
  • Remote Screen 1, 4, 9, 16, 32 channel split screens
  • Remote Control the P/T/Z camera, just as if you were at the local DVR
  • Selectable recording option per camera
  • Selectable frame rate recording per camera
  • Selectable video compression recording per camera
  • Watchdog for auto reboot hardware in case of power failure
  • PCI-Express Board