2MCCTV and Milestone 2M-234

XProtect Desktop NVR System

1 Yr
Warranty Included

• XProtect Professional Desktop Network Recorder System
• Windows 7 Home Premium
• Milestone XProtect Software
• 22X DVD+/-RW Drive
• Industrial ATX Case
• FREE 19" LCD Flat Panel Monitor

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The 2M-234 2MCCTV and Milestone 2M-234 is a desktop system built especially for security applications. A novel approach to facilitate even faster security system installations, the commercial security camera system features a desktop computer with a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and an Intel processor and motherboard.  A 19" flat panel color LCD screen with the Milestone XProtect (Base License) offers a reliable and easy to use security module to capture, save and view images including advanced PTZ control with preset positions, motion/event alerting via email and 1 channel recording with listen-in.

A Complete Security System, Just add Cameras
A license for two cameras, custom built system with a 160 GB hard drive and up to 2 TB of storage makes the hardware apt for demanding security applications with large storage area to store and archive footages.

Desktop Specifications
An Intel processor and motherboard with Windows 7 Home Premium offers fast computing and easy user interface. Equipped with 2 GB RAM and a dedicated 512MB DDR2 PCI-Express video card, it offers lag free computing and allows to backup all your archives on disk with a 22x DVD+/-RW Drive.

Milestone Xprotect Advantage
The Milestone XProtect Essential (Base License) with two camera license for the software offers viewing and recording for two cameras and offers salient features like VMD Motion or Event Activated Recording with Speed-up,Daily Archiving of Recordings and advanced PTZ control with preset positions make it an ideal interface to monitor and configure the settings of your security system.

Security, Versatility and Expandability
With features like Input Event Control, Motion/Event Alerting via email the system is secure. It offers JPEG and AVI export formats for universal compatibility and supports remote access too. Password Protection, licenses for four cameras with upgrades to 25 cameras and an optional upgrade to 64 cameras with Milestone XProtect Professional offer unlimited expansion options.




This PC Based Desktop Network Video Recorder NVR Package Includes:


  • Professional 2M Desktop Features:
    • Intel Processor and Motherboard
    • Operation System: Windows 7 Home Premium
    • 2 GB RAM Memory
    • 512MB DDR2 PCI-Express Video Card
    • 22x DVD+/-RW Drive
    • 500GB Hard drive included
    • Industrial ATX Desktop Case
    • Additional hard drive option available
    • FREE 19 Color LCD Flat Panel Monitor
  • Milestone XProtect Essential Base License with 2 Camera License
    • Viewing and Recording for 2 camera
    • Video Recording up to 600,000 images per camera per day or 40 GB of data per camera
    • VMD Motion or Event Activated Recording with Speed-up
    • Daily Archiving of Recordings
    • Recordings: 1-4 camera viewing
    • AUDIO: 1 Channel Recording with Listen-in
    • Advanced PTZ Control with Preset Positions
    • Input Event Control
    • Motion/Event Alerting via email
    • JPEG and AVI export formats
    • Remote Access: 4-channel Web Server
    • Password Protection
    • PC Specs: Single CPU systems only
    • OS Specs: Windows 2000, XP Pro, 2003 Server, XP Pro (64-bit), 2003 Server (64-bit)
    • Licenses: 4 Cameras with upgrades to 25 Cameras
  • Optional Upgrade to 64 Cameras with Milestone XProtect Professional
  • For a List of Supported Hardware, click here
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