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Jason from 2MCCTV was very
helpful in all my needs and
questions and is very
knowledgeable in all areas
he is also very friendly and
cautious and lets me know
when there are sales. I will
always do my camera needs
with 2MCCTV.
Gary Nielsen @ Head Engineer Granville Tower Condos

Dedicated Micros

Founded in 1982, Dedicated Micros invented the world’s first multiplexer, and that led to its success. The company is the world leader in specialist CCTV control equipment. It is the recognized for developing and manufacturing multiplex hardware for 24 hour CCTV.
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Simultaneous Viewing/Recording  Touch Sensitive Front Control 
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2 CIF Recording Resolution  9 Video Channels 
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Available in 160/300GB Hard Drive  PPP 
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Up to 60 PPS total  Built-in CD Writer 
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Available in 160 or 300GB Hard drive  PPP; Ethernet. Available with Built-in CD-RW 
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750GB/1 Terabyte/1.5 Terabyte HDD Options Available  Built-in Ethernet Port; E-mail Alarm Notification 
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