Dome Security Camera System

1 Yr
Warranty Included

System Features:
• Economical 16 Channel Standalone DVR
- H.264 Video Compression
- Real-Time Recording
• Day & Night IR Dome Cameras
- 700 TV Lines Resolution
- 15 Meters IR Distance
• 1000 ft Siamese Coaxial Cable

List : $2,274.85  
Price : $995.00
Save :  $1,279.85
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2MCCTV 2M-112T31TBD  
2MCCTV 2MKT-112T31TB  
GeoVision 2M-12GV32TV  
2MCCTV 2M-112T32TB  
Veilux 2M-13VL3VLS  
2MCCTV 2M-132T32TV  
Veilux 2M-13VL3VLD  
Veilux 2M-12VL3VLV  
2MCCTV 2M-122T32TB  
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The 2MCCTV 2MK-112T31TD indoor 16 channel dome security camera system includes 16 infrared dome cameras and a standalone digital video recorder.  This system is easy to install and comes with 2MCCTV.com’s 1 year warranty. 



DVR 6016


The standalone digital video recorder has H.264 video compression on all of its 16 channels.  Connect to your television and view images in real-time.  Users can also record and play back in real-time and set up to record manually or create a recording schedule.  The USB 2.0 connection is available for back up drives if the included 500GB hard drive is full.  A hard drive upgrade is available up to 1TB.  Users can also view and control the system remotely through a mobile surveillance app (currently supports 5 operating systems).



Dome Cameras


The system includes sixteen 2M-V70IR24E indoor day or night infrared dome security cameras.  The 4-9mm varifocal lens produces clear video in both day and night.  The cameras have 25 infrared LEDs and a 15 meter range making this system ideal for a home or small business.  The auto gain control and auto electronic shutter features ensure the best quality video possible in various lighting conditions. 



Ready to Go


 In addition, purchasers will also receive all the necessary cables to hook up the system right out of the box – 1000 feet of coaxial cable and connectors as well as a power supply. 



2M-DVR6016 H.264 16-Ch. Standalone DVR Recorder

  • H.264 Video Compression
  • Up to 16 Channels CIF Real-Time Recording and Playback
  • Support D1 Real-Time Recording
  • Support Five OS for Mobile Surveillance
  • Built-in USB2.0 port for video backup to computer
  • Includes 1 TB
16 x 2MCCTV 2M-V70IR24E Indoor Day & Night Infrared Dome Cameras
  • 1/3" Sony Color CCD
  • 700 TV Lines Resolution
  • 2.8-12mm Varifocal Lens
  • 30 Infrared IR LEDs
  • IR Range: 15 meters
  • Auto Gain Control (AGC)
  • Built in Auto Electronic Shutter (AES)
Package Includes: