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Explosion Proof Accessories

Become a CCTV Wholesale DealerTo support the explosion proof cameras, 2MCCTV offers housing and other accessories which can withstand harsh and extreme environments. As with other explosion proof products, the explosion proof camera housings are designed to not cause an explosion in highly combustible or volatile atmospheres. Each of the accessories are made with heavy duty stainless steel which helps form a tight seal around the products to ensure that they will not cause any unexpected sparks, setting off combustible environments.

The accessories include brackets, housings, monitors, mounts, and other explosion proof security camera accessories. Of note is the junction box which is vital for a complete explosion proof security camera system. The junction box provides a way to connect all the explosion proof devices together while still maintaining a safe atmosphere.

As with the explosion proof cameras, these accessories are special order items. One of our trained personnel can assist with choosing the perfect explosion proof solution for you – 1-877-926-2288

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Veilux SVEX-M1 Housing Bracket
Indoor & Outdoor Use  Stainless Steel Material 
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Veilux SVEX-JXD Explosionproof Junction Box
Stainless Steel Material 4 Cable Outlets  IP68 
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Veilux SVEX-M18   Explosion Proof Camera Mounting Bracket   2MCCTV
Indoor & Outdoor Use  Designed for the SVEX-Q18 explosionproof camera 
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Explosionproof Camera Wall Mounting Bracket   Veilux SVEX-M25 - 2M CCTV
Special designed for pan/tilts wall mounting with load 100kg Stainless Steel 
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Veilux   SVEX-6004C Explosion Proof Camera   2MCCTV
C - For Camera w/ Wiper & Sunshield  Optional Auto-Healing 
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Water Cooling Security Camera Housing   Veilux SVEX-HSF   2MCCTV
2 Cable Outlets At The Rear Of Housing  Indoor & Outdoor Mounting For All Weather 
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Veilux   SVEX-T300A Explosion-Proof Housing   2MCCTV
Inside Be w/ Fixed Lens or Zoom Lens Camera  Steel Glass For Window 
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Veilux   SVEX-T100A Explosion Proof Housing   2MCCTV
Inside Be w/ Fixed Lens or Zoom Lens Camera  Steel Glass For 
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Veilux   SVEX-2028E Explosion Proof Controller   2MCCTV
Multi-protocol Decoder  Optional Address & Signal Speed 
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Used In Ex-proof Area For Monitoring  Quality LCD Display 
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17" Explosion Proof Surveillance Monitor   Veilux SVEX-171   2MCCTV
17" Flat Panel Display  Composite Video Input 
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Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 )