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2mcctv is a proud to offer you free consultation to setup your fire alarm system, we have certified Texas fire alarm licensed experts standing by to answer your Fire alarm questions. Call 2mcctv experts now for your free consultation at 1-877-92M-CCTV (1-877-926-2288).

Professional Custom Fire Alarm System

2mcctv offers a complete fire alarm system that is designed to alert the user to a specific danger. A 2mcctv alarm system uses a sensor connected to a control unit using a low-voltage wiring or narrow band RF signal to a response device to detect motion or response fire.

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A Quick Guide to License Plate Capture (LPR) Cameras
Written By: Chris Mozingo
  Here at 2M I receive a large number of inquiries from customers looking for license plate camera solutions that will read license plate numbers.  There are cameras out there that are manufactured just for this purpose.  They are referred to asLicense Plate Capture Cameras or LPR (License Plate Recognition) Cameras. These security cameras are used for everything from traffic enforcement and access control, to stole....
The Science Behind Voltage Drop
Written By: Travis
Voltage drop is a term that we hear about all the time in the surveillance industry. While many people talk about it and use the charts andcalculators provided by different sources, I think a smaller amount of people fully understand the physics behind it. Today I want to give a quick review of the ideas behind voltage drop and then some practical tips for installing security cameras or any other equipment.....
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