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There have always been
struggles and issues buying
CCTV and support products.
2mcctv has always been
great about settling these
and offering solutions.
Travis and staff are very
knowledgeable, and
insightful. We started
using 2m as a sole provider
in 2005.
Dennis @ Total Tech


Fujinon Camera lenses are the focal point of any CCTV security and surveillance system so the importance of quality equipment cannot be overlooked. Because surveillance success depends on proper zoom, f-stop, and aperture settings, 2MCCTV has partnered with Fujinon to bring these lenses to the market.

Fujinon began in 1934 as a national Japanese film company that later earned its reputation in building cameras and expanding photographic technology. Today they are known as a world leader in the development and production of high-compact camera lenses, as well as for their commitment to “environmental stewardship and … good corporate citizenship”.
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Wide aperture of F1.6  Focus Length: 5-50mm 
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Standard zoom lens with the excellent cost performance  Multiple power supply (6V; +/-6V; 12V; +/-12V) supported 
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