Home Video Surveillance System

1 Yr
Warranty Included

System Features:
• Economical 8 Channel Standalone DVR
- H.264 Video Compression
- Real-Time Recording
• Mini Vandal Proof IR Dome Cameras
- 700 TV Lines Resolution
- 20 Meter Night View Distance
• Premade Siamese Coaxial Cable


List : $1,068.37  
Price : $695.00
Save :  $373.37
Qty :
Veilux TJ-8960B56  
Veilux VR8960H-3TB-36V  
2MCCTV 2MK-112T22TBD  
2MCCTV 2MKT-112T22TB  
GeoVision 2M-13GV22TV  
GeoVision 2M-13GV22TB  
Veilux 2M-11VL2VLS  
2MCCTV 2M-112T22TB  
Veilux 2M-11VL2VLV  
Samsung 2M-11SS2SSB  
2MCCTV 2M-132T22TD  
2MCCTV 2M-132T22TB  
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Recommended for your indoor home or business security needs, the 2MK-112T22TD home video surveillance system is a cost effective, easy to install combination of 8 IP Infrared Domed Cameras, and a H.264 standard video compression standalone DVR 6008 component.  Included free with this package is 1000 feet of finished Siamese coaxial cable.



DVR 6008 has Networking & remote monitoring with no PC Required


The DVR 6008 supports all standard networking protocols including Static and Dynamic IP (Internet Protocol) addressing and well as DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Server) allowing you to move the DVR without configuring a new IP address when the component is put back on your network.  The DVR 6008 has wireless remote viewing through your network and supports Internet Explorer and five wireless operating systems (Google Android©, Blackberry©, Apple iPhone©, Nokia Sybian©, or Windows Mobile Remote©) for remote home surveillance through your phone.  With the addition of client software, you can remotely search files, backup, playback video and adjust camera features such as P/T/Z (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom).



Indoor Domed Cameras offer Picture Clarity & True Night Time Video Surveillance


The 2M-V70IR24E indoor infrared domed cameras offer high quality day and night time recording input using Sony Color CCD (Charged Coupled Device) with 700TVL (TV Lines) recording feed from the cameras to the DVR component.  Objects recorded at night time by this home video surveillance system are enhanced with each camera using 24 LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) that reduce light and dark contrast with light invisible to intruders and effective up to 20 meters during night surveillance.