Construction sites are a safety hazard for everyone in them, and a target for some teenagers.  Placing a surveillance system will help the owner monitor the workers and repel possible vandals.  We at 2M provide you with customized surveillance solutions for your construction site security to keep everything and everyone safe.


Vandalism:  When juveniles see video surveillance installed on the site, they will think twice before vandalizing anything for fear of being recognized.


Employees:  As a contractor, you want to make sure employees are always on their best behavior and doing their job.  Your cameras will be a second set of eyes on them.


Vehicles:  On construction sites, trucks are always moving equipment from one place to another.  When backing up, you want your workers to be extra careful in order to keep everyone safe and secure.  We have collision avoidance systemslocated in our standalone surveillance systems category, to prevent such accidents. 
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Unauthorized Personnel:  Keep your equipment safe and guarantee only authorized workers enter those areas by utilizing access control.






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