2MCCTV 2M-100-PM

100 ft. Premade Siamese Coax Cable

1 Yr
Warranty Included

• 100 Feet Premade Siamese Coaxial Cable
• White only
• Pre-Made Cable RG59U & 18/2 Siamese cable makes for an easier CCCTV camera installation
• The coax and power cable combined together with Connectors
• UL certified

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Siamese coaxial cable is a common choice among CCTV installers.  But all Siamese coaxial cable is not created equal.  The 2M-100-PM Siamese coaxial cable is 100 ft of true RG-59U cable that uses higher copper rating to ensure superior quality video and better transmission rates.  This coaxial (18gauge-2 conductor) cable combines the power and video cables in a single jacket for easy and flexible installation and includes female BNC connectors and male/female power connectors.  This cabling is used for non-IP, analog security cameras and has the ability to reliably carry power and data signals approximately 700 feet.



2M-100-PM Features:

  • Available in White only
  • RG-59U & 18/2 Combo Cable 100' with Connectors
  • RG59U & 18/2 Siamese cable makes for an easier CCTV camera installation.
  • Single Jacket of coax and power cable.
  • Female BNC both ends
  • Male & Female plug in power
  • This cable is a single pull for each camera.
  • UL certified
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