19 Inch Security Video Monitor

1 Yr
Warranty Included
  • 19" LCD Color Security Video Monitor
  • 1440 x 900 Screen Size
  • High resolution color display monitor
  • Auto-sensing of NTSC Signals
  • 700:1 Contrast ratio
  • VGA Input
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GeoVision GV-SQP110  
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Tatung TME22W  
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Panasonic PLCD15V  
Samsung H32B  
2M Technology 2M-LCD17  
2M Technology 2M-LCD19  
2M Technology 2M-HLCD19CM  
2M Technology 2M-HLCD22CM  
Bosch UML-202-90  
Bosch UML-273-90  
2M Technology 2M-HLCD26CM  
Bosch UML-323-90  
2M Technology 2M-HLCD32CM  
Veilux VLCD-32  
Weldex WDL-1500M  
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Weldex WDL-1900MR  
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Ask a Question  about the 2MCCTV 2M-19MON 19 Inch Security Video Monitor

2MCCTV brings you the 2M-19MON 19-inch LCD Security Video Monitor to make watching surveillance footage that much easier.  With features like its slim profile and high resolution display ability, you’ll be able to review video feeds in comfort and quality.  It’s a big advantage over the competition in a little package.



It Goes Great with Any Task


The 2M-19MON is a handy 19” high resolution LCD flat-screen monitor.  Its color display is capable of displaying 16.2 million colors for high clarity when you need it most.  This design saves vital office space that could be used for other equiptment.  It also presents less of a burden on your power grid since it needs little power to keep it cool during long hours.



Customizable for Your Needs


Although the 2m-19MON is a VGA Input Only monitor, it can auto-sense incoming NTSC signals so that you don’t have to fuss with a tuner.  The video monitor also includes an on-screen menu for any necessary monitor adjustments.



And there’s more…


The LCD design of 2MCCTV’s 2M-19MON security video monitor uses significantly less power than other designs.  This saves you money so that you don’t have to decide between your budget and your security.  As added insurance, 2MCCTV has also included a 1-year warranty.




Video Security Monitor Features:


  • 19 inch Screen Size
  • High resolution color display monitor
  • Auto-sensing of NTSC Signals
  • 16.2 Million Colors
  • On-screen Menu for Monitor Adjustments
  • VGA Input Only
1 Year Extended Warranty
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2 Year Extended Warranty
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3 Year Extended Warranty
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Q&A for the 2MCCTV 2M-19MON
Question :
Does this monitor have a BNC point?
Answer    :
This camera has a VGA input only, no BNC point.
Question :
Will this monitor hook directly up to BNC cables?
Answer    :
Regular monitors, like this, are usually manufactured for connecting to DVRs, whether PC or standalone, which usually come with VGA connections. Note: The camera is connected to the DVR, which you can then connect to the monitor. If you are looking for something with a BNC connector, check our Test Monitors.
Question :
Can you tell me how many different camera screens we would be able to have on this monitor?
Answer    :
That depends on your DVR software. You can show anywhere from 1 screen up to 32 screens.
Question :
Will this monitor work in place of a Bosch UML192-90? Currently being used with a Bosch LTC2380/90 4 Channel Quad Splitter.
Answer    :
The Bosch LTC2380/90 4 Channel Quad Splitter only has a BNC connection, and the 2M-19MON only has VGA input. So the 2M-19MON cannot replace the Bosch UML192-90.
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