2MCCTV 2M-2812A

2.8-12mm Auto Iris Varifocal Lens

1 Yr
Warranty Included
• Auto Iris Varifocal Lens
• Focal Length: 2.8-12mm
• 95.6-22.1 Degrees
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Vitek VTL-MP310D  
Vitek VTL-MP922D  
Panasonic PLAMP2812  
Bosch LVF-5003N-S3813  
Arecont Vision MPL33-11AI  
Pelco 13M2.8-8  
Panasonic PLZ20-5  
Bosch LVF-5000C-D2811  
Panasonic PLAMP0550  
Bosch LVF-5000C-D0550  
Honeywell HLD5V50DNL  
Arecont Vision MPL12-40  
Arecont Vision MPL6.0  
Arecont Vision LENS4-10AI  
Honeywell HLD3V8MPD  
Pelco 13M2.8-12  
Pelco 13M2.2-6  
Bosch LTC 3274-41  
Arecont Vision MPL12-40AI  
Arecont Vision M118FM16  
Arecont Vision M118FM08  
Vitek VTL-MP1050D/IR  
Bosch VLG-2V2806-MP3  
Bosch LVF-5005C-S1803  
Bosch LVF-5005C-S0940  
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Honeywell HLM45V13MPD  
Fujinon Y12X6A-SE2  
Arecont Vision JHF25M  
Arecont Vision JHF35M  
Bosch LTC 3283-41  
Bosch LTC 3283-50  
Bosch LTC 3293-20  
Bosch LTC 3293-30  
Bosch LTC 3293-40  
Bosch LTC 3293-50  
Bosch LTC 3783-51  
Bosch LTC 3793-51  
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2MCCTV has designed the 2812A 2.8-12mm Auto Iris Varifocal CCTV Lens to increase the capabilities of your existing outdoor camera system.  Snap this 1/3” image sensor format bad boy on to one of your CS-mount cameras and set it to see threats up-close & personal or far away and in focus.



A Wide Picture in Fine Focus


The 2812A’s Auto Iris feature is ideal for outdoor CCTV cameras in changing light levels.  With the auto iris paired with an aperture of F-1.4, your cameras can keep working late into the night and bright & early the next morning.  Although this lens has manual focal controls, once you set its focal length of 2.8-12mm to your liking, you will be able to cover a large swath of territory.



Just a Few of the Features


2MCCTV’s 2812A varifocal lens utilizes a dependable CS-mount and comes in at a svelte weight of 169g.



Quality and Assurance


As an added bonus, the 2812A Security Camera Lens comes with a 1-year warranty.



Security Camera Lens Features:

  • Focal Length: 2.8-12mm
  • Aperture: 1.4-360
  • Mount: CS
  • Image Format: 1/3"
  • Angle of View: 95.6o-22.1o
  • M.O.D.: 0.1m
  • Weight: 169g
1 Year Extended Warranty
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2 Year Extended Warranty
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3 Year Extended Warranty
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