2MCCTV 2M-5100A

AutoIris Varifocal CCTV lens

1 Yr
Warranty Included

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• Auto Iris Varifocal CCTV Lens
• Focal Length: 5-100mm
• 63-2.8 Degrees View Angle
• DC-Auto Iris


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2MCCTV 2M-3580AN  
2M-Technology 2M-2M2812IR  
2MCCTV 2M-2812A  
2MCCTV 2M-0660A  
Computar Ganz TG3Z2910FCS  
Arecont Vision MPM12.0  
Arecont Vision MPM6.0  
Arecont Vision MPM2.8  
TAMRON M127F02820IR  
Vitek VTL-3085AN/IR  
Vitek VTL-2812AN/IR  
Arecont Vision MPL4.0  
Samsung SLA-2810D  
Fujinon YV10X5HR4A-2  
Arecont Vision LENS4.0  
Arecont Vision MPL8.0  
Arecont Vision MPL3.5  
Arecont Vision MPL6.2  
Arecont Vision MPL4-10  
Arecont Vision MPL33-12A  
Arecont Vision MPL8-16  
Tamron 12VM412ASIR  
Vitek VTL-7550AN/IR  
Panasonic PLAMP2406  
Arecont Vision MPL4-12  
Arecont Vision UHD7.2  
Panasonic PLZ5/10  
Panasonic PLZ15/33  
Vitek VTL-MP310D  
Vitek VTL-MP922D  
Panasonic PLAMP2812  
Bosch LVF-5003N-S3813  
Arecont Vision MPL33-11AI  
Pelco 13M2.8-8  
Panasonic PLZ20-5  
Bosch LVF-5000C-D2811  
Panasonic PLAMP0550  
Bosch LVF-5000C-D0550  
Honeywell HLD5V50DNL  
Arecont Vision MPL12-40  
Arecont Vision MPL6.0  
Arecont Vision LENS4-10AI  
Honeywell HLD3V8MPD  
Pelco 13M2.8-12  
Pelco 13M2.2-6  
Bosch LTC 3274-41  
Arecont Vision MPL12-40AI  
Arecont Vision M118FM16  
Arecont Vision M118FM08  
Vitek VTL-MP1050D/IR  
Bosch VLG-2V2806-MP3  
Bosch LVF-5005C-S1803  
Bosch LVF-5005C-S0940  
Arecont Vision LENS4-13  
Arecont Vision UHD45-10AI  
Pelco 13M15-50  
Honeywell HLM45V13MPD  
Fujinon Y12X6A-SE2  
Arecont Vision JHF25M  
Arecont Vision JHF35M  
Bosch LTC 3283-41  
Bosch LTC 3283-50  
Bosch LTC 3293-20  
Bosch LTC 3293-30  
Bosch LTC 3293-40  
Bosch LTC 3293-50  
Bosch LTC 3783-51  
Bosch LTC 3793-51  
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Expand the view on your current security system by adding an Auto-Iris Vari-focal CCTV lens.  Traditional zoom functions on security cameras are great, but some have limitations.  The 2MCCTV 2M-5100A has all the features you need for expansion at an extremely affordable price. 


The 5-100mm zoom lens has a traditional CS mount.  In addition, it also has a 63-2.8 degree viewing angle and an aperture of 1.4~close.  The aperture (a hole where light travels) controls the amount of light that passes through the security camera lens, which is crucial when various lighting conditions are present.


2MCCTV.com will also include a 1 year warranty with purchase.   


Lens Features:

  • Focal Length: 5-100mm
  • Iris Type: DC-Auto Iris
  • Aperture: 1.6~close
  • Mount Type: CS
  • CCD Format: 1/3"
  • Angle of View: 63o~2.8o
  • M.O.D.(meter): 0.3m
  • Weight: 200g
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Q&A for the 2MCCTV 2M-5100A
Question :
Does this lens work on an Axis 211 IP network camera with a poe feed?
Answer    :

By: Andrew Rose ()
Date Added: Thursday 05 April, 2007
Value Rating:
Overall Rating:
Fantastic, an A+ all the way!! This lens will wake out ANY Security Camera. And the price...is out of this world. Compare it to ANY higher end lens...and you will see what we see! Thanks 2MYou ROCK!! Scott Rose, INFOGUYS PBS LLC.