Eight door System with 16 Entrance card Reader

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Eight door System with 16 Entrance card Reader and RTE Unit and egress Reader, Master Unit 400 with enclosure, Door unit and RTE Unit, HID proximity card reader, Magnetic Lock
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Eight door System with 16 Entrance card Reader and RTE Unit and egress Reader

This easy to install complete security package system has all what you need to setup a secure home or office. This system includes advanced security features. Not only is it a security system, but it can also can be used for everyday use. Upgrade options available as shown below. No special skills required.

Security System Package Includes:
  • 1 Master Unit 400 with enclosure MU400
    • The Master Unit 400 supports all standard access reader types
      • Small footprint design .
        • Modular design (1 to 32 readers)
  • 8 Door unit with enclosure DU   
  • 16 HID proximity card reader MiniProx 5365 
    • 125 kHz Mullion Mount Proximity Reader
      • Accepts 5- to 16-volts, meeting most voltage requirements.
        • Allows easy upgrade from magstripe to a proximity reader; no rewiring or pulling of new cable required.
          • Offers high reliability, consistent read-range and low power consumption in an easy-to-install package.
            • Mounts directly onto metal with no change in read range performance.
  • 1 CAT-5E-500 High Speed Computer Cable 350 MHz Blue
  • 8 RTE Unit 5215-SPB
    • Button is embedded in a stainless steel faceplate, making it ideal for clean rooms, hospital wards, or research labs.
      • Have heavy-duty SPDT-momentary toggle switch contacts.
        • Color-coded 7-inch (17.8-cm) leads for easy installation in a standard single-gang electrical box.
          • Easy-to-operate exit controls comply with NFPA and BOCA codes for access-controlled egress doors.
  • 8 Magnetic Lock Dortronixs 1150 
  • 1 Box (25 cards) ProxCard 11 Proximity Access cards 1326 (Options Available) 
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