2MCCTV 2M-998

IC Card Hotel Door Lock

1 Yr
Warranty Included
IC Card Hotel Door Lock, ANSI Mortise Only, Steel Locking Hardware, High Quality Escutcheon, Easy to use, Superb reliability
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IC Card Hotel Door Lock
2M Technology’s 2MCCTV 2M-998, with a SIEMENS® Encrypted IC Keycard, is a high quality lock which not only ensures maximum security for the valuable property as well as hotel guests, but also looks pretty elegant too. The IC Card Intelligent hotel door lock keeps the operational costs at the minimum level and also offers a lot of user convenience.
Tough security cover
The 2MCCTV 2M-998 offers almost impenetrable security to the hotel’s guests with the help of programmable level of security for multiple card to lock use. This IC Card Intelligent Door Lock comes equipped with a panic release function, and is very easy to use too because of user-friendly and compatible software. It incurs very low running costs as it works on 4 Standard AAA Alkaline Batteries which have a standard life of up to 18 months each.
Intelligent and smart
The 2MCCTV 2M-998 wireless system and stand-alone door lock adopts SIEMENS encrypted IC card as keycard. It features a strong, high security lockset comprising of high quality solid brass escutcheon and handle. The Lock provides access records of card up to 200 uses and also provides a mechanical key for emergency use. It is available in only one design option - BP: Golden PVD, ANSI mortise only.



  • ANSI Mortise
  • Wireless system and stand-alone door lock
  • Adopt SIEMENS encrypted IC card as keycard
  • Strong Steel Lock Hardware
  • High Security Lockset
  • High quality solid escutcheon and handle
  • Easy to use
  • Panic release
  • Superb reliability and low running cost
  • Mechanical Key
  • Lock memorize the latest more than 200 access records


Design Options:


  • BP: Golden PVD, ANSI mortise only
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