3.5" TFT Security Test Monitor

1 Yr
Warranty Included
• 3.5" TFT Security Test Monitor
• 3.5 TFT High DPI Monitor
• Automatic Identification
• Support RS485/RS232 Input
• OSD Menu
• Lithium Battery
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2M Technology 2MTIPC-1600S  
2M Technology 2MTIPC-1600TVI  
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The 2MCCTV 2M-CVT3000 is a 3.5 inch TFT (thin film transistor)/LCD Security Test Monitor perfect for installing, debugging, maintaining, and narrowing down potential equipment failures.  Any engineer needing to monitor surveillance projects and/or security cameras should have this convenient device at their fingertips.  This handheld device supports RS485/RS232 data input and presentation as well as video intensity testing. 



Needed Features


The high DPI (dots per inch) monitor, which provides great resolution for a portable device, also has an on-screen display menu in order to control the product functions.  These functions include the automatic identification of multiple devices feature as well as setting up the preset features such as the set-up preset and go-to presets.  The double indicators, both LED and buzzer, are there to alert the user that data is being sent and received from the device.  This dynamic machine can also control the protocol and baud rate (symbol or modulation rate).   





The monitor comes standard with a powerful Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to six hours making it an ideal choice for engineers constantly on-the-go who are unable to charge their devices repeatedly throughout the day.  The device also comes with 2MCCTV.com’s one year warranty. 







  • Handheld 3.5 TFT High DPI Monitor
  • Automatic identification of multi-system
  • OSD menu for product functions
  • Various ball machine control protocol and baud rate
  • Support 0-256 address
  • Support set-up preset and go-to preset
  • Support RS485/RS232 data input and presentation
  • Automatic identification of protocol and address in accordance with received data code
  • Support video intensity testing
  • Double indicators like LED light and buzzer for sending and receiving data
  • Lithium battery for continuous work for over 6 hours
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