7" Color Small CCTV Monitor

1 Yr
Warranty Included


  • Small CCTV Camera
  • 7" Color TFT LCD Monitor
  • Flush Mount LCD Monitor
  • 1440 x 234 (H x W)
  • DC12V 9W
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The 2M-MC07FM small CCTV monitor is a well priced 7 inch TFT LCD flush mounted color monitor that can be installed anywhere to be used for your surveillance requirements or as a PC monitor.  This monitor’s flush mount capability means it can be installed as part of a recessed wall assembly and would protrude less that a quarter of an inch from the wall surface.  The entire monitor package is 182 (7.17”) millimeters (mm) wide, 118 (4.65”) mm high, and 26 (1.03”) mm deep.  The monitor is light weight at 380 grams or 13 ounces.



Small Screen Dimensions with High Resolution and Clarity


The small viewing screen element is 115 (6.06”) mm wide and 86.8 (3.41”) mm high and has TFT (Thin Filter Transistor) technology that markedly improves image quality such as addressability, and contrast through the LCD CCTV screen. The color and resolution image is sharp at 1440 x 234 for a total of 336,960 pixels or dots.



Audio and Video Control Capabilities


The 2M-MC07FM has multiple audio and video capabilities including one video input jack and two audio/video jacks. One audio jack supports the feed from a security camera or computer while the other audio jack is located on the front of the console used for audio surveillance with ear phones. The console also supports audio volume controls.


2MCCTV 2M-MC07FM 7" Small CCTV LCD Monitor

  • 7" Flush Mount LCD Monitor
  • 1440 x 234 (H x W)
  • DC12V 9W
  • AV1 / AV2 Video IN
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Q&A for the 2MCCTV 2M-MC07FM
Question :
Can this unit be installed in a home? Does it come with a plug in power adapter. I would like to hook up one security camera to this monitor, does it come with a remote control?
Answer    :
That unit can be installed in a home. It does not come with a power adaptor. There is no remote control. You could use the VT-12VDC-1000mA power supply.