Outdoor Camera Heater/Blower Enclosure

1 Yr
Warranty Included
• Outdoor Camera Enclosure
• Weatherproof Mount Included
• Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction
• Adjustable Camera Tray
• Lockable Rear Latch
• 24v AC Heater & Blower
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Sometimes overlooked, but considered a critical component in a security system, a camera enclosure protects your cameras from harsh outdoor elements.  The 2M-OH/MHB is an outdoor camera enclosure constructed using beige, heavy-duty aluminum and includes a weatherproof wall mount as well as an adjustable camera tray.  The sturdy construction used in this enclosure is perfect for the wide range of Mother Nature’s temperaments.  Rain or snow, hot or cold, your camera willalways operate in this enclosure.  An important feature necessary for network cameras is the heater/blower that is included as a part of the assembly.  A front-hinged cover with a lockable rear latch permits easy access for maintenance and will also prevent unauthorized tampering.  




  • Heavy-Duty Beige Aluminum Construction
  • Top Swings Open For Ease In Servicing
  • Adjustable Camera Tray
  • Dimensions: 15.5"L x 5.8"W x 4.3"H (With Visor)
  • Lockable Rear Latch
  • Enclosure Wall Mount Included
  • Ideal For Harsh Weather Environments
  • 24v AC heater and blower


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