Covert Functional Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

1 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • 470 TV Lines Resolution
  • Low Light Sensitivity
  • 3.7mm Pinhole Lens


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COP-USA CH21C-2.5H  
Vitek VT-SMKC1/H  
Speco Technologies VL562SD  
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Ask a Question  about the 2MCCTV 2M-SDR35 Covert Functional Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Presenting to you the new 2MCCTV 2 M-SDR35 Covert Functional Smoke Detector hidden camera! This realistic looking Smoke Detector Color camera has a Color CCD Image Sensor with 3.7 Pinhole Lens inside. Perfect for use in your business or home.

Easy to Use and Install
This camera will provide you with first class discreet surveillance and will ensure that there is no harm done in case of fire.

Best in Surveillance
This camera delivers high definition footage with 470 TV lines resolution. With a minimum illumination of 0.1lux this camera provides you with clear images even in low light situations .This camera has a SONY CCD image sensor and gives you a video output of 1Vp-p, 75 Ohms. -10 Degree C ~ 45 Degree C is its operational temperature.

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Q&A for the 2MCCTV 2M-SDR35
Question :
la camara de seguridad escondida requiere de enchufle o trabaja con baterias? que otro equipo requiere? se enciende cuando hay un movimiento o todo el tiempo esta encendida grabando?
Answer    :
La cámara se requiere estar enchufado, no funciona con pilas. La luz sólo se encenderá si la alarma está sonando. Usted tendrá que conectar la cámara a un DVR si desea grabar.
Question :
How do you review what is being recored.
Answer    :
The 2M-SDR35 can be connected to a DVR, which will save the footage on a hard drive. The footage can be viewed on a monitor.
Question :
How do i watch the video and does it take a battery? Is the video fair quality and does it have sound?
Answer    :
The SDR35 is a camera only. It takes a 12VDC transformer that would plug into a regular 110V wall outlet. You can run the video through siamese cable either directly to a monitor/tv or through a DVR if you intend to record. The camera doesn't take batteries and does not have audio.
Question :
Does this camera record to a DVR? Can you monitor the camera over the internet, by your cellphone and a dedicated monitor?
Answer    :
Yes the 2M-SDR35 will record to a DVR and it can be monitored from the internet using a router. Cellphone gets a little more involved with type of cellphone, service provided from your carrier and a PC based DRV.
Question :
I need to know if this camera is a side view or bottom view. I need it in a bottom view.
Answer    :
If you look at the picture of the unit you can see the small hole on the side. that's the hole for the camera. 3.7 mm pin hole camera