Wireless Solar Powered Sony Network Camera System

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Solar Powered, Sony Network, Camera System, 3.0-4.5 Solar Rating, 20 Miles Line of Sight, 540 TV Lines Resolution, 900 MHz Transceiver
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Not all surveillance situations lend themselves to wires and cables. Parking lots, transportation hubs, and outdoor sites can be hard to monitor. The 2M-SS-FI-CH-120 Solar Powered Fixed Camera System accommodates these sites with state-of-the-art technologies housed in an aircraft grade aluminum enclosure and powered by solar-charged batteries.


Camera and Communication

The SONY SNC-CH120 Network HD Camera features 1280x720 resolution, 720p HD picture quality, easy focus, and PoE. Wireless radio operations include point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, mesh, and cellular where available. (Normal cell rates would apply.)


Power and Components

The multicrystalline silicon solar cell will stand up to high wind, heavy snow, and other demanding weather conditions. Absorbent Glass Mat, Sealed Lead Acid batteries support industrial grade components like power supplies, chargers, and fuses. These components are engineered to withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions.


The dual-section, 20’ high by 4.5" diameter aluminum pole is hinged for easy installation. The 8’ base section is installed at 4’ depth, leaving 16’ of pole above ground. The electronics are housed in an aircraft grade aluminum enclosure. The camera housing is also made of weatherproof, powder-coated aluminum.


Solar Panel:

  • Panels customized depending on Solar Rating Area
  • Multi-crystalline silcon solar cell
  • High transparency low-iron, tempered glass
  • Heavy-duty anodized frame
  • Rugged design


Wireless Radio Options:

  • Point-to-Point Radio
  • Point-to-Multipoint Radio
  • Mesh Radio
  • 2.4GHz Frequency Radio
  • 5.8GHz Frequency Radio



  • Sony SNC-CH120 Network HD Camera
  • Superior 720p HD Picture Quality
  • 1280x1024 Resolution
  • Three Codecs and Dual Encoding
  • Easy Focus Function
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)


Pole Options:

  • Kit Version (Camera only designed to mount on any flat surface or pole 4.5in or larger)
  • Direct Burial Aluminum Pole ( 20ft x 4.5in)
  • Hinged Aluminum Pole (16ft x 6in or 20ft x 6in)



  • 5052 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Enclosure
  • Absorbent Glass Mat
  • Sealed Lead Acid
  • 5 Day Battery Storage without sunlight
  • Continuous Power 365 days a year
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