2MCCTV LA06 Warning Sign

11x9 CCTV Warning Sign

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CCTV Video Surveillance Warning Sign 11" x 9"
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A commonly underutilized accessory is the CCTV warning sign.  Whether you actually own a video surveillance system or not, CCTV warning signs are a good deterrent to any crime.  How many times have you walked past a house and notice a sign for an alarm company posted in the front window.  You may wonder if that house really has a burglar alarm system.  Well guess what?  Some crooks are thinking the same thing.  Proper placement of the 11” x 6” LA06 Warning Sign (English/Spanish) is a small but valuable step in warning unwanted visitors that they are being watched.  The sign is constructed using corrugated plastic with a non-sticky back and is suitable for outdoor installations.


  • Corrugated Plastic Outdoor Warning Sign.
  • Note: Non-Sticky Back


Sign shown in Blue or Red with Color Depending on Inventory

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