Aiphone AT-406B

2 Handsets Boxed Set, Charcoal Gray

1 Yr
Warranty Included


  • Two-way handset intercom system.
  • One or two subs (AT-306) can be added
  • External signaling device can be added at each station (via TAR-3)
  • DC (SKK-620) or battery (four "AA") powered with battery status indicator.
  • Available in charcoal gray (AT-406B)
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The Aiphone AT-406B is an audio only handset to handset (master and sub handset) intercom system. The Call button present in the master handset makes a call to all the sub handsets for common communication. When called from a sub handset, only the master handset will ring.
Up to two additional sub handsets can be added to this chime-phone intercom set. Each handset in this system has a coil cord of length 4 feet. The Aiphone AT-406B is powered by a 6V DC power supply or 4 AA batteries.