Aiphone GT-1C

Video Door Phone

1 Yr
Warranty Included


  • 3.5" LCD color monitor
  • Screen brightness control and volume controls are equipped for enhancing


List : $1,248.11  
Price : $481.41
Save :  $766.70
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Aiphone LE-AN  
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2M Technology 2MAC-1001-RS  
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2M Technology 2MAC-1001-IP  
GeoVision GV-EV48-24  
GeoVision GV-EV48-48  
GeoVision GV-AS410  
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The Aiphone GT-1C is a sleek and stylish-looking audio and video station. It features a 3.5" LCD color monitor along with microphone, speaker and other options. The camera present in this system can be adjusted for better view using the pan, tilt and zoom options. Screen brightness control and volume controls are equipped for enhancing both visual as well as acoustic communication.
During calls, the monitor displays the video and the call is answered by pressing the Talk button. In case of emergency, the Aiphone GT-1C is installed with panic call button to call for help. The Aiphone GT-1C allows hands-free communication at the entrance and push-to-talk or hands-free communication at the tenant end.
The GT-1C has a slim and sleek design and can be easily wall mounted. It works on 24V DC power supply.
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