Aiphone IEH1CD

Sub Station Intercom handset

1 Yr
Warranty Included


  • One or two audio doors, with 4-tone and 2-tone chimes
  • Up to four inside stations
  • Internal calling and communication
  • Chime tone can be muted at IEH-1CD room stations
  • Door selector button on IE-2AD
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The Aiphone IEH1CD chime tone door answering intercom is a sub-station for IE-1GD or 1E-2AD master stations. It features a door release button as well as a volume controller for both chime and voice. An option for muting chime is also available in this intercom system.

The Aiphone IEH1CD works like a simple home phone. Pick up the receiver to reply and single Call button touch to contact master and other sub stations. This intercom features private call option for contacting particular station and All Call option to contact all the stations at once. It is powered by both AC (12 ~ 16V) and DC (12 ~ 24V) power sources.