Aiphone IE-SS-A

Audio Only Door Station, Stainless Steel, Flush Mount

1 Yr
Warranty Included


  • Its an audio only sub-station
  • 2-gang box or wall mounted with SBX-2G


List : $622.83  
Price : $311.41
Save :  $311.42
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The Aiphone IE-SS-A is an audio only sub-station for your security intercom system. It is made of 12 gauge stainless steel that makes it vandal proof and weather resistant. This sub-station features a baffle-proof speaker and mechanical call button. It suits Aiphone systems such as AX series, IE-8 series, KB series and TD-H series.
The Aiphone IE-SS-A audio sub-station can be flush mounted into a 2-gang box or wall mounted with SBX-2G. It includes tamper-proof screws and tools for easy and quick installation.