Aiphone LE-D

Surface audio door station

1 Yr
Warranty Included


  • When called by tone, press TALK to reply, press door release button to release door and press OFF for standby
  • It has an overall shield
  • Contact rating: 30V AC or DC, 1A
List : $57.35  
Price : $27.86
Save :  $29.49
Qty :
Aiphone LE-AN  
Rosslare Security AC-A41  
2M Technology 2MS-100  
Rosslare Security AC-A42  
Aiphone IEH1CD  
GeoVision GV-AS120  
2M Technology 2MS-200  
2M Technology 2MS-300  
Rosslare Security AC-S43  
Rosslare Security AC-T43  
GeoVision GV-AS100  
GeoVision GV-AS110  
Rosslare Security AC-Q41SB  
Aiphone DA1AS  
Rosslare Security AC-Q44  
Aiphone LEF-3L  
Rosslare Security AC-Q42SB  
2M Technology 2MAC-1001-RS  
Rosslare AC-115  
GeoVision GV-AS210  
Aiphone IE-SS-A  
2M Technology 2MAC-1001-IP  
GeoVision GV-EV48-24  
Aiphone GT-1C  
GeoVision GV-EV48-48  
GeoVision GV-AS410  
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The Aiphone LE-D access sentry system is an audio only door station that enables two-way communication. It features door release function and call tone and voice volume control. This Aiphone LE-D access sentry system is compatible with LE or LS series door stations. It is powered by 12 ~ 16V AC power source.