Aiphone LEF-10S

10-Call Surface Master W/Door REL

1 Yr
Warranty Included


  • Flexible system design, intermixing any number of masters and subs to the system's capacity
  • Selective calling from any master, with hands free reply from sub or responding master.
  • Selective door release (LEF-5, 10 and 10S), with RY-PA relays
  • All Call (LEF-10S), door chime and background music input with BG-10C and PS-12F.
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The Aiphone LEF-10S open voice master station can communicate with any combination of master and sub-stations up to 11 stations. It also features selective door release and selective monitoring functions. This master station can be wall or desk mounted.

Master station will be alerted with call tone and LED annunciation when any sub or door station calls. Communication is enabled by push-to-talk at master end and hands-free reply at sub stations. All Call function allows common announcement to all sub stations while privacy button helps to contact only particular stations.

The Aiphone LEF-10S supports video door entry integration for easy monitoring. It is equipped with voice and call tone volume controls for convenience.

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