Amano MDK

Amano MDK

Product Features:
- Communications Distance up to 500 ft (150 m) via the Wiegand Bus
- Stainless Steel Housing
- Multiple Wiegand output formats (26-bit and 44-bit)
- Supports both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz Tag types
- 12 Button Keypad
- A single tri-coloured Red, Green or Amber Status LED
- A 4 kHz piezo-electric Buzzer
- Fully potted to increase resistance against vandals and tampering

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Linear AKR-1  
Impro XIC900-1-0-GB  
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Amano MDK Multi Technology Keypad Reader



The new generation multi technology reader from Amano offers unparalleled performance with the benefit of dual frequencies (125 kHz and 13.56 Mhz) compatibility.  With dual reading frequencies, the Amano reader makes adding card to existing facilities quick and easy. For addition security, this multi technology reader features a 12 button keypad which offers another level of security for access control. Also, this PIN reader features Wiegand support offering communication up to distances of 500 feet and multiple output formats (26-bit and 44-bit). Using Weigand technology gives the reader flexibility as it is compatible with numerous other 3rd party systems. Finally, the MDK provides a vandal resistant potted stainless steel housing to contain all these advanced features.



Supports both 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz

Compatible at dual frequencies, the Amano proximity keypad reader can read tags and cards operating at the low frequency 125 kHz and at the higher 13.56 MHz frequency. These two frequencies are the two most common used by RIFD cards. With dual frequency, the user can quickly add new cards to a new or existing system.


Wiegand Protocol Compatible

Amano's MDK reader utilizes the Wiegand protocol for the more durable Weigands card. Wiegand cards are also harder to counterfeit as the code is permanently set into the cards at the time of manufacturing. Using Weigand technology offers the added benefit having cable runs up to 500 feet.


A 12-Button Keypad

Amano's multi technology keypad reader comes equipped with a 12 button keypad for increase protection to your access control system. Using the keypad, this reader accepts 5 digit pin codes from 00000 to 65535 and 4 digit codes from 0000# to 9999#.


Single Tri-Colored Status LED

The single status LED displays three colors to indicate the validity of the card or tag being read. This tri-colored LED uses an externally visible red, green, or amber for credential identification.


A 4 kHz piezo-electric Buzzer

This proximity keypad reader also incorporates a piezo-electric buzzer to provide an audio notification. The piezo-electric buzzer works by applying mechanical force to a crystal to produce sound.


Stainless Steel Cover

Utilizing a stainless steel housing, the Amano MDK offers a sturdy case to help withstand harsh conditions. The multi-technology reader is fully potted to increase resistance against vandals and tampering.

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