Amano Nexus Lite

Amano Nexus Lite

Product Features:
- Support for up to 8 doors (Anti-passback)
- Completely functional standalone system
- Onboard web application
- Onboard web-client for remote network configuration and enrollment
- Onboard reporting
- Onboard system diagnostics
- Data exports to CSV from web browser

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Amano Nexus Lite 8 Doors Access Controller



With the latest in state of the art technology, the Amano Nexus Lite offers next generation access control within a cost-effective package.  The Nexus Lite door controller is available in two model types. Both of these models come with onboard reporting and system diagnostics to seamlessly setup and manage up to eight doors.  One of the models is a smooth slick designed model and the other model is a touch screen model with a large two and half inch color TFT screen.  For ease of installation, this Amano controller provides a simplified built-in wizard for ID enrollment and setup.


Color TFT touch screen display (ISC921 model)


Support up to 8 Doors with Anti-passback

The Nexus Lite can manage the access from a single door up to 8 doors. Each door controlled also includes the anti-passback feature to prevent tailgating, when a card holder allow some one behind them to use the same card to enter, through control areas. Anti-passback feature works by requiring a person use their card to exit before allowing another entry.


Completely functional standalone system

Amano's door controller is a flexible device as it can connect as part of an access control system or operate as a standalone unit. For standalone operation, the choice of the touch screen model allows for easy programming and set up right from the door controller with the use of the 2.5 inch TFT screen.


Onboard web-client for remote network configuration and enrollment

Within the Nexus controller is a web based application which allows for operation through any standard web browser. Through a web browser, the user can operate the door controller as if they where there doing administrative duty such as user setup, door configuration, and tag holder enrollment.


Onboard reporting and system diagnostics

For access management, the Nexus Lite offers a reporting menu with useful access information that can also help with system diagnosis. The reports available on the controller include access data of tag holders, status transactions from controllers and terminals, audit report of tags added and deleted, and hours worked from IN to OUT.


Data exports to CSV from web browser

Through the use of a web browser, the Lite generates reports which can then export as a CSV files and store on a PC. These report are the same ones provided using the touch screen menu.

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