Arecont Vision AV8185

8.0 Megapixel 180 Degree Panoramic H.264 IP Camera

1 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
• 8.0 Megapixel Resolution
• H.264 and MJPEG Compression
• 180° / 360° Panoramic View
• Real Time Streaming Protocol
• Superior Low Light Performance
• Forensic Zooming
• Power over Ethernet

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Mobotix MX-Q24M-SEC-NIGHT-N11-BL  
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The AV8185 is part of Arecont Visions SurroundVideo Series.  The AV8185 can capture and record 180 degrees with the “fastest frame rate on the market” of 88 frames per second @8 megapixels.  The high definition resolution is ideal for capturing crystal clear images and its panoramic feature is a necessity when monitoring a large area.  Why install four separate cameras when all you need is one? 


Multiple Features


The AV8185 has a multitude of features.  With its superior low-light performance, this IP security camera delivers quality images in any lighting condition, as low as 0.2 lux.  Not only can the camera digitally pan, tilt, and zoom, the user can rotate images, adjust motion blurring, set resolution and brightness, and set up to four regions to scan simultaneously.  Users can also zoom live or while viewing previously recorded footage.  The Moonlight Mode also cancels out extended exposure and unnecessary noise to produce the best surveillance recordings possible. 


Versatile Mounting

Some IP panoramic dome cameras are limited in their mounting capabilities – not this one.  The camera comes with a surface mounting kit; however, additional mounting kits can be purchased for a wall or ceiling installation as well as for corner and recessed installations or pole mounted installation. 


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