Arecont Vision DOME5-I

Indoor 5 recessed dome for single/dual sensor cameras

1 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • Bubble Diameter: 5" (127mm)
  • Housing Height: 3" (76mm)
  • Dome Height: 2.8" (70mm)
  • Housing Diameter: 7" (178mm)
  • Dome Cover Height: 2.8" (70mm
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Price : $138.67
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Arecont Vision MD-EBA  
Arecont Vision MV-EBA  
2M Technology 2MV-WM  
Arecont Vision SV-EBA  
Arecont Vision HSG2-WMT  
Pelco IM-WMBL  
Pelco IM-WMWT  
Arecont Vision MD-CAP  
Pelco PA101  
Arecont Vision D4S-WMT  
Arecont Vision MD-CRMA  
Arecont Vision MD-PMA  
Bosch MIC-400-RWAB  
Bosch MIC-400-RWAC  
Vitek VT-AV/WMT-W  
Vitek VT-AV/WMT-B  
Vitek VT-AV/CMT-W  
Vitek VT-AV/CMT-B  
Arecont Vision MD-JBA  
Arecont Vision MD-FMA  
Arecont Vision SV-FMA  
Arecont Vision SV-JBA  
Bosch MTC-CORN-W  
Arecont Vision MD-CMT  
Arecont Vision MD-WMT2  
Arecont Vision D4SO  
Panasonic PWM20GB  
Arecont Vision SV-WMT  
Bosch MTC-PUPH  
Bosch MTC-WUPH  
Bosch MTC-POLE-W  
Panasonic PPMF12D  
Bosch MIC-412-RWAB  
Bosch MIC-412-RWAC  
Arecont Vision DOME4-I  
Panasonic PWM20GS  
Bosch MIC-400-RWAS  
Arecont Vision SV-CMT  
Messoa SAD702  
Messoa SAD703  
Veilux PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Wall mount W6  
Arecont Vision DOME4-O  
Messoa SAD710  
Messoa SAL082  
Panasonic PCM484S  
Arecont Vision HSG2  
Panasonic WVQ169  
Panasonic POH1100HB  
Panasonic POH1500HB  
Messoa SAD705  
Messoa SAD704  
Panasonic PSRCW2000B  
Bosch KBE-485V28-20  
Bosch KBE-485V55-20  
Bosch KBE-610V75-20  
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Ask a Question  about the Arecont Vision DOME5-I Indoor 5 recessed dome for single/dual sensor cameras

The Arecont Vision Dome 5-I is a 5" recessed dome that can be used to house any of Arecont Vision's line of fixed cameras. Its recessed type mount coupled with a stylish design will allow discreet camera mounting and at the same time will protect the camera from dust, humidity and similar conditions present in an indoor monitoring environment.

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