Divar MR Series 8 Channel DVR

3 Yr
Warranty Included
• 8 Channel Digital Video Recorder
• 8 Channel Video Inputs
• 4 Channel Audio Inputs
• Secure Embedded Design
• Efficient MPEG-4 Compression
• Export to USB or DVD
List : $3,385.00  
Price : $2,091.43
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2M Technology 2MA-6108  
2MCCTV 2M-9208HFI-A  
2MCCTV 2M-7708HFI  
Honeywell HRGX85  
Honeywell HRG81  
Hikvision DS-7308HWI-SH  
KT&C OMNI960-8  
Honeywell HRGX81  
JVC JV-VR10081TB  
Vitek VT-EHL8/500  
Vitek VT-SRL908/1T  
Hikvision DS-7208HVI-ST-1TB  
2MCCTV 2M-9508HFI-H8  
Vitek VT-SRL908/2T  
Speco Technologies D8RS  
Speco Technologies D8WRS  
Vitek VT-SRL908/3T  
Speco Technologies D8WRSM  
Speco Technologies D8WRSP  
Speco Technologies D8WCS  
Speco Technologies D8CS  
Speco Technologies D8DS  
Hikvision DS-7308HFI-ST-500GB  
Speco Technologies D8WDS  
SECO-LARM DR-108-500Q  
Speco Technologies D8WRSPM  
Vitek VT-SRL908/4T  
Bosch DVR-5000-08A000  
Speco Technologies D8WCSM  
Speco Technologies D8WCSP  
Speco Technologies D8CX  
Speco Technologies D8WDSM  
2M Technology 2MD-VR9208HFI-S  
Hikvision DS-7308HI-ST  
Speco Technologies D8WCSPM  
Vitek VT-SRL908/6T  
Hikvision DS-9508NI-S  
Bosch DVR-5000-08A001  
Bosch DVR-5000-08A100  
Speco Technologies D8LS  
Bosch DVR-5000-08A200  
Vitek VT-SRL908/8T  
Bosch DVR-5000-08A101  
Bosch DVR-5000-08A201  
Bosch DVR-670-08A000  
Speco Technologies D24PS  
Bosch DVR-670-08A050  
Bosch DVR-670-08A001  
Bosch DVR-670-08A100  
Bosch DVR-670-08A200  
Speco Technologies D12LX  
Bosch DVR-670-08A051  
Bosch DVR-670-08A101  
Bosch DVR-670-08A201  
Hikvision DS-9008HFI-ST-2TB  
Geovision 92-80AE2-080  
Geovision 96-80BR0-080  
Hikvision DS 9008HFI-ST  
Geovision 91-900P2-080  
Geovision 91-900P4-080  
Geovision 91-900P8-080  
Panasonic MRR880  
Veilux VR-8960H-E-A  
Veilux VR-824E  
Veilux VR-8960H-S-A  
Veilux SVR-824  
Samsung SRD-852D  
Samsung SRD-870DC  
Dedicated Micros ECO9  
Dedicated Micros SD8  
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Ask a Question  about the BOSCH DVR-8L Divar MR Series 8 Channel DVR

The BOSCH DVR-8L is an eight channel digital video recorder.  It is one of the Divar MR Series options, and has eight video inputs and four audio inputs.  Record and store high-quality video surveillance data on the internal hard drive with a storage capacity of up to 1TB, or optionally export to a DVD writer or a USB device.



All-in-One Convenience


BOSCH designed the Divar MR series with ease-of-use in mind.  Manage the device by using the front panel controls, the built-in IntuiKey keyboard, an IR remote control or a standard mouse.  A few highlights of features provided by the interface are the ability to monitor and change security camera views and settings, respond to alarms, and check the status of a device.



Optional PC-Based Control Center


Optionally integrate the DVR-8L with a PC by installing the Divar MR Control Center software.  View live feed, playback captured video, remotely manage alarm notifications and manage multiple DVRs within the software interface.






  • Cost effective, secure embedded design
  • Efficient MPEG-4 file compression
  • View and record video in CIF, 2CIF, or 4CIF resolution
  • Bosch and third-party PTZ dome control
  • Export to USB or DVD writer
  • Available with 160GB, 320GB, 500GB, 1TB hard drive storage
1 Year Extended Warranty
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3 Year Extended Warranty
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