Dinion2X Bosch Box Camera

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:
• 1/2" Interline CCD Color Camera
• 540 TV Lines of Resolution
• Advanced Image Processing Technology
• Improved XF-Dynamic engine with SmartBLC
• Bilinx Technology
• Lens Detection Wizard
• Low Light Sensitivity
• True Day/Night performance w/ IR cut filter

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The LTC 0630 Dinion2X Bosch Box Camera is a high performance camera with 540 TV Lines of resolution that utilizes a 1/2" color CCD image sensor to obtain high definition in day and night surveillance situations.  The infrared IR cut filter will automatically (or manual via alarm settings) switch on at night to capture video in monochrome black and white with excellent clarity.  The Dinion2X features XF-Dynamic, or Extended Dynamic Range to automatically adjust the picture in situations where there is harsh lighting. 


This Bosch box camera is easy to install; just attach the lens and connect the video and power.  Once installed, choose from one of six pre-programmed modes.  Switch between modes with the Bilinx Technology, which is a bidirectional communication capability (included in all Bosch Dinion cameras) that will allow you to service and update the camera from anywhere along the video cable. 


Use the Lens Wizard feature to auto-detect the type of lens installed.  It will automatically focus the lens at the maximum opening.  Lens not included. 





  • 1/2-inch interline CCD
  • 540 TV Lines Resolution
  • Advanced Image Processing Technology
  • Improved XF-Dynamic engine with SmartBLC
  • Detail Enhancement such as Autoblack and Sharpness
  • True Day/Night performance with switchable filter
  • Privacy masking with 4 different privacy zones
  • Default Shutter Speed
  • Bilinx Technology
  • Lens Detection Wizard
  • Ease of installation
  • 6 Independent Programmable Modes
  • High efficiency Power Supply
  • Video Motion Detection
  • SensUp Dynamic
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