3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:

• 540 TV Lines Resolution
• Quad Streaming
• Flexible Recording Options
• Intelligence at the Edge
• ONVIF conformant
• Auto Lens Detection
• Power over Ethernet

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GeoVision GV-EBX1100  
GeoVision GV-BX2500  
Panasonic WV-SP302  
Panasonic WV-SP305  
Panasonic WV-SP306  
Panasonic WV-SP508  
Panasonic WV-SP509  
KT&C KPC-4300NH  
GeoVision GV-EBX1100-1F  
GeoVision GV-EBX1100-0F  
Samsung SNB-1001  
GeoVision GV-UBX1301-1F  
ACTi E-21  
Samsung SNB-5001  
Arecont Vision AV1310  
Weldex WDAC-2308X  
Brickcom FB-100Ae  
GeoVision GV-BX1300-3V  
Messoa SCB267-HN5  
2M Technology 2MSI-3W  
Arecont Vision AV1310DN  
Arecont Vision AV2110  
2M Technology 2MSIP-1.3  
Arecont Vision AV1115V1  
Hikvision DS-2CD833F-E  
Samsung SNB-7001  
Arecont Vision AV2110DN  
Brickcom MB-500Ap  
2M Technology 2MSIP-5  
Vivotek IP7161  
Samsung SNB-3002  
2M Technology 2MSIP-2  
2M Technology 2MSIP-1.3W  
GeoVision GV-UBX3301-1F  
2M Technology 2MSIP-1.3WD  
Brickcom FB-130Np  
Arecont Vision AV2115DN  
Arecont Vision AV2115DNV1  
Hikvision DS-2CD893NFWD-E  
KT&C KNC-Xi130HD  
2M Technology 2MSIP-2W  
Hikvision DS-2CD864FWD-E  
GeoVision GV-BX1500-3V  
Arecont Vision AV2115DNAIV1  
Hikvision DS-2CD853F-E  
Arecont Vision AV3110  
KT&C KNC-Xi210HD  
Pelco IXPS1  
Arecont Vision AV2116DNv1  
Pelco IXS0C12  
Brickcom FB-500Ap  
2M Technology 2MSIP-3W  
Arecont Vision AV3110DN  
2M Technology 2MSIP-5W  
Brickcom FB-300Np  
Pelco IXP11  
Samsung SNB-5004  
Arecont Vision AV5110  
Arecont Vision AV5115V1  
Arecont Vision AV3115DNV1  
2M Technology 2MSIP-3WDW  
Hikvision DS-2CD855F-E  
Samsung SNB-6003  
Vivotek IP8151  
Pelco IXS0C12-U  
AXIS M1114 0341-001  
Arecont Vision AV3115DNAIV1  
Pelco IXS0C50  
GeoVision GV-BX2400-3V  
GeoVision GV-BX2400-4V  
Vivotek IP8161  
Panasonic WVCP500  
Panasonic WVCP504  
Arecont Vision AV5110DN  
Arecont Vision AV5115DNV1  
Vivotek IP8151P  
Pelco IXS0C12-EA  
Sony SNCEB600B  
Samsung SNB-6004  
Arecont Vision AV5115DNAIV1  
Pelco IXS0C12-EAD  
Pelco IXS0C12-EAS  
ACTi KCM-5511  
ACTi KCM-5211  
Pelco IXS0C12-EAT  
Pelco IXP21  
Vivotek IP8162  
Arecont Vision AV3145DN-3310-W  
Arecont Vision AV3145DN-3310-D  
Pelco IXS0C12-EK  
Pelco IXS0C12-EL  
Sony SNCCH120  
Sony SNCEB600  
Pelco IXS0C50-EA  
Arecont Vision AV3116DNV1  
Pelco IXS0C50-EAD  
Pelco IXS0C50-EAS  
Hikvision DS-2CD883F-E  
Vivotek IP8162P  
Arecont Vision AV10115V1  
Pelco IXS0C12-EC  
Pelco IXS0C50-EAT  
Pelco IXS0C12-ECS  
Vivotek IP8172  
Pelco IXS0C12-ECW  
Arecont Vision AV10115DNAIV1  
Pelco IXS0C12-EB  
Pelco IXES1  
Pelco IXP31  
Pelco IXS0LW  
GeoVision GV-BX3400-5V  
GeoVision GV-BX3400-4V  
Pelco IXS0C12-ECK  
Pelco IXS0C50-EC  
Pelco IXS0C12-EBS  
Pelco IXS0C12-EBW  
AXIS P1353  
Pelco IXS0C50-ECS  
Sony SNCEB630B  
Vivotek IP8172P  
Pelco IXS0C12-EBK  
Pelco IXS0C50-EB  
GeoVision GV-BX5300-6V  
Pelco IXS0C50-ECK  
Arecont Vision AV10115DNV1  
Pelco IXS0C50-EBS  
Pelco IXS0C50-EBW  
Pelco IXP51  
Samsung SNB-7002  
Samsung SNB-7000  
Sony SNCEB630  
Sony SNCCH220  
ACTi KCM-5611  
Pelco IXS0C50-EBK  
Pelco IXE10LW  
Pelco IXE11  
Pelco IXE10DN-OS  
AXIS Q1602 0437-001  
ACTi KCM-5211E  
Hikvision DSCD883FE  
Sony SNCVB600  
Sony SNCVB600B  
BOSCH NBN-832-38W  
AXIS P1355  
Pelco IXE10C-OS  
Speco Technologies O2T5  
Pelco IXE10LW-OS  
Pelco IXE21  
AXIS Q1604 0439-001  
Samsung SNZ-5200  
Sony SNCCH140  
Pelco IXS0C12-EM  
Pelco IXS0C12-EN  
Pelco IXE10DN-OCP  
Pelco IXE10DN-OSP  
BOSCH NBN-832-18W  
Messoa NCB858-HN5  
AXIS P1357  
Pelco IXE31  
BOSCH NBN-832-38WV  
Pelco IX30DN8  
Pelco IXE10C-OSP  
Pelco IXE10LW-OCP  
Pelco IXE10LW-OSP  
AXIS Q1614  
Pelco IX30DN8-U  
Pelco IX30DN8-EA  
Pelco IX30DN6  
Pelco IX30DN8-EAD  
Pelco IX30DN8-EAS  
Pelco IX30DN8-EAT  
Pelco IX30DN8-EK  
Pelco IX30DN8-EL  
Pelco IXE20DN-OS  
Pelco IXE20DN8  
Pelco IX30DN6-U  
Pelco IXE20C-OS  
Pelco IX30DN12-EA  
Pelco IX30DN6-EA  
Pelco IX30DN12-EAD  
Pelco IX30DN12-EAS  
Pelco IX30DN8-EC  
Pelco IX30DN6-EAD  
Pelco IX30DN6-EAS  
Pelco IX30DN12-EAT  
Sony SNCVB630  
Sony SNCCH240  
Pelco IXE20DN8-U  
Pelco IX30DN8-ECS  
Pelco IX30DN6-EAT  
Pelco IX30DN12-EK  
Pelco IX30DN12-EL  
Pelco IX30DN8-ECW  
Pelco IXE20DN12  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EA  
Pelco IX30DN50-U  
Pelco IX30DN6-EK  
Pelco IX30DN6-EL  
Pelco IXE20DN6  
Pelco IX30DN8-EB  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EAD  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EAS  
Pelco IX30DN8-ECK  
Pelco IX30DN50-EA  
Pelco IX30DN12-EC  
Pelco IX30DN8-EBS  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EAT  
Pelco IX30DN6-EC  
Pelco IX30DN50-EAD  
Pelco IX30DN50-EAS  
Pelco IX30DN8-EBW  
Pelco IXE20DN12-U  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EL  
Pelco IX30DN12-ECS  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EK  
Pelco IXE20DN6-U  
Pelco IX30DN12-ECW  
Pelco IX30DN6-ECS  
Pelco IX30DN8-EBK  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EA  
Pelco IX30DN6-ECW  
Pelco IX30DN50-EK  
Pelco IX30DN50-EL  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EA  
Pelco IX30DN12-EB  
Pelco IXE20DN50  
Pelco IX30DN6-EB  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EAD  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EAS  
Pelco IX30DN12-ECK  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EC  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EAD  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EAS  
Pelco IX30DN6-ECK  
Pelco IX30DN12-EBS  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EAT  
Pelco IX30DN12-EBW  
Pelco IXE20DN-OCP  
Pelco IXE20DN-OSP  
Pelco IX30DN50-EC  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EAT  
Pelco IXE20DN8-ECS  
Pelco IXE20C-OCP  
Pelco IXE20C-OSP  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EK  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EL  
Pelco IXE20DN8-ECW  
Pelco IXE20DN50-U  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EK  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EL  
Pelco IX30DN12-EBK  
Pelco IX30DN50-ECS  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EB  
Pelco IX30DN6-EBK  
Pelco IX30DN50-ECW  
Pelco IXE20DN8-ECK  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EA  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EC  
Pelco IX30DN50-EB  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EBS  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EC  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EAD  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EAS  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EBW  
Pelco IX30DN50-ECK  
Pelco IX30DN12-U  
Pelco IXE20DN12-ECS  
Pelco IX30DN50-EBS  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EAT  
Sony SNCVB635  
Pelco IXE20DN12-ECW  
Pelco IXE20DN6-ECS  
Pelco IX30DN50-EBW  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EBK  
Pelco IXE20DN6-ECW  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EB  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EK  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EL  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EB  
Pelco IXE20DN12-ECK  
Pelco IX30DN50-EBK  
Pelco IXE20DN6-ECK  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EBS  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EBW  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EC  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EBK  
Pelco IXE20DN50-ECS  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EBK  
Pelco IXE20DN50-ECW  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EB  
Pelco IXE20DN50-ECK  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EBS  
Pelco IX30DN8-EM  
Pelco IX30DN8-EN  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EBW  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EBK  
Pelco IX30DN12-EM  
Pelco IX30DN6-EM  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EM  
Pelco IXE20DN8-EN  
Pelco IX30DN50-EM  
Pelco IX30DN50-EN  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EM  
Pelco IXE20DN12-EN  
Pelco IXE20DN6-EM  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EM  
Pelco IXE20DN50-EN  
Pelco IX30DN12-EN  
Veilux VSIP-2  
Veilux VSIP-5  
GeoVision GV-BX520D  
GeoVision GV-UBX1301  
Pelco IL10-BA  
Pelco IL10-BP  
AXIS M1103  
GeoVision GV-UBX2301  
GeoVision GV-BX120D  
GeoVision GV-UBX3301  
AXIS M1104  
AXIS M1143-L  
ACTi E23  
ACTi E24  
GeoVision GV-BX2400  
Pelco IXS0C  
Arecont Vision AV1300DN  
Arecont Vision AV1305  
AXIS M1144-L  
GeoVision GV-BX3400  
Samsung SNB-5000  
Samsung SNB-3000  
GeoVision GV-BX5300  
Arecont Vision AV3130M  
Arecont Vision AV3135  
AXIS P1354  
Pelco IXE10DN  
AXIS Q1755  
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Ask a Question  about the BOSCH NBC-455 BOSCH IP Camera

The NBC-455 Dinion is a state-of-the-art network BOSCH IP camera. It features a 1/3-inch color CCD with progressive scan to deliver sharp images of moving objects. It supports tri-streaming in H.264 and M-JPEG video codecs simultaneously. Dinion IP cameras offer features such as NightSense, which will record in dark settings, and Autoblack for balancing shadows and light.

The Dinion series follow the standards of ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum), which assures its working with other network systems. The NBC-455 employs MOTION+ video
motion analysis system for its video analytics, making it one of the smartest systems available on the market. It is an ideal solution for museums and art galleries, shopping centers, offices, schools, colleges and universities, and gas stations.

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