ALPR Camera

3 Yr
Warranty Included

Product Features:


  • 520 TV Lines Resolution
  • Vehicles Moving up to 100mph
  • Plate Capture up to 82ft
  • Integrated LED Illumination
  • Advanced Ambient Rejection Technology
  • High-Contrast DHC-Imaging
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GeoVision GV-Hybrid LPR  
Veilux VSSC-68CDNR-90  
Speco Technologies CLPR66B4B  
GeoVision GV-IP LPR 5R  
GeoVision GV-IP LPR5M  
Bosch VER-L2R2-2  
Bosch VER-L2R3-2  
Bosch VER-L2R4-2  
Bosch VER-L2R5-2  
Bosch VER-L2R1-2  
Bosch VER-D2R1-2  
Bosch VER-D2R2-2  
Bosch VER-D2R3-2  
Bosch VER-D2R4-2  
Bosch VER-D2R5-2  
Messoa NCH517-10D  
Veilux VLPR-54L922D  
GeoVision GV-IRCAM20  
Messoa SCR505-HN5  
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The Bosch Reg-D1 is premium all in one ALPR surveillance camera (automatic license plate capture camera).  It utilizes a highly sensitive CCD for brilliant license plate capture under infrared illumination that means it can work in total darkness and still give you high video quality.

The Bosch Reg-D1 features a second camera that provides the full view of vehicles these images shows their shape, color, and other important details.  This 520 TV Lines camera captures very high resolution video and images up to 82 feet away.

Advanced Vehicle Surveillance
Its advanced Ambient Rejection Technology eliminates problems which can arise due to glare from the sun, headlights, and high-beams.  With vehicles being driven at high speed, this exclusive camera has myriad applications for places like government buildings, traffic monitoring, border patrol, parking lots and much more.  

The Bosch Reg-D1 can be conveniently mounted on a wall or a pole using its mounting adapter of the customer’s choice.

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